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GOP members of the Texas House of Representatives are going after each other over the House Speaker’s race.  The far right guys are trying to stage a coup and have one of their own replace the more moderate Joe Straus. There are threats and counter threats.  The anti Straus forces recruited a bunch of the GOP activist groups into the fray.  It looks like the anti Straus forces are going after payback.  They haven’t forgotten that Straus had to cut a deal with Dems to get elected Speaker.

It is kind of fun to watch the carnage within their caucus, but I know if the anti Straus forces prevail, the State GOP Platform will sail through the Texas House – ouch!

If you are a Dem and want a depressing read, go to the Texas Monthly website and check out Paul Burka’s take on the state of politics in the Lone Star State.

Which MLB team has lost the most World Seriouses?

Gene Shalit won’t be doing his Critic’s Corner on “The Today Show.”  He’s hanging up the popcorn.   I always liked his witty comments.

The Yankees of course have lost 13 World Seriouses.  They have also won 27 World Seriouses.

Here’s what ‘Stros GM Ed Wade says about Michael Bourn:

"You see the ball leave the bat, and you say, ‘No way that one gets caught,’ and then Michael runs it down. Some guys make plays look tougher than they are. Michael makes the impossible catch look routine."

I agree and congrats go to ‘Stros center fielder Michael Bourn on his second straight Gold Glove Award and finally some good news from The Yard! 


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