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On November 2, HISD District VIII Trustee candidate Judith Cruz led a six candidate field with an impressive 35% of the vote.  She won just about every precinct in the district.  The opposition clearly noticed a few weeks ago that Judith Cruz had widespread support.  That’s why they went after a lot of our signs.  It didn’t work.  It is hard to discourage a lot of parents, civic leaders, and taxpayers that have clearly embraced Judith’s candidacy.

The opposition is very frustrated and has now resorted to throwing out ridiculous accusations and charges.  The latest was a flyer that was distributed with a bizarre claim about school cafeteria food.  You gotta be kidding me!

Judith is a mom, taxpayer, teacher, homeowner and neighbor who has stepped forward to run for a non-paying elected position and wants to put the interests of our school children first and I guess that scares some of our opposition because it is resonating with the voters in District VIII.

The run-off election is Tuesday, November 30 and early voting starts next week on Thursday, November 18.

On July 15, 1973, Nolan Ryan was one out away from pitching his second career no-no.  Who came up to bat in the bottom of the ninth with two outs with a wooden table leg instead of a bat (it was kind of a gag)?

In today’s Chron there is a story about the face-off at City Hall yesterday on the Port Commission appointment.  I can’t find the story online but it is in the hard copy.  I watched it on TV and it was pretty interesting.

Tigers’ first baseman Norm Cash of course ended up popping out.  Norm Cash is no longer with us and ended up with 377 career dingers.  Norm Cash was born 76 years ago today.

I wonder if Guv Dude tried a Saint Arnold when he was at The Yard last night signing his “Fed Up” book and I wonder how many folks showed up and that’s all I have from The Yard. 

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