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At first glance it looks like the City of H-Town’s Latino voters did their part and supported Prop 1.  Now the City will be able to get much needed funds to deal with drainage and streets.   Prop 1 didn’t win by much so the Latino vote helped out.

There are some at the City that are showing their gratitude by trying to knock the only Latina/Latino off of the Houston Port Commission.  I think it is a bad idea.  The Latino community makes up close to half of the City’s population.  The Latino business community is one of the fastest growing segments of the local economy.  Our biggest trading partners are Mexico and Latin America and knocking off the only Latina basically says we don’t take pride in our diversity and we don’t value showcasing our diversity.

Right now the Port Commission has four white males, an African American male, and two women including a Latina.  If the City knocks off the Latina, we will have five white dudes, an African American male, one white woman, and zero Latinos – NADA!   That doesn’t look good in my book.   I can’t believe they are even considering this. 

In 1981, the Baseball Writers Association of America elected only one MLBer to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Who am I talking about?

Riddle My This filed Arizona-style anti-paperless folks legislation yesterday.  I’m hoping Guv Dude sticks to his word and lets his fellow GOPers know that we don’t need it.  Let’s also hope that the courts strike it down.

Bob Gibson of course was the only MLBer elected to the Hall of Fame by the baseball writers in 1981.  Bob Gibson is celebrating his 75th BD today.

They are going to be “Fed Up” at The Yard tonight for sure as Guv Dude will be there at 5:30 this evening to sign his new book.   Maybe someone will tell Dude that the precinct that The Yard sits in was carried by the Former Mayor with 388 votes to Dude’s 261.  HISD District VIII Trustee leading candidate Judith Cruz also carried the precinct.


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