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Of course I’m going to say more and more and more!  Here’s a headline in today’s front page of the Chron:  Hispanic gave GOP a boost in Texas
Check out the story.

Here is from the piece:

Houston Democratic political consultant Marc Campos said Texas Republicans have a history of seeking Hispanic voters while Democrats take them for granted. "They make the effort, and I cannot say that in good conscience about the Democratic Party," he said.

Campos said Hispanic Democratic voter turnout was down in some areas and in other areas was anemic compared to the surge of Republican turnout. He said Reid, Boxer and Brown reached out to Hispanics on issues such as immigration reform and the federal Dream Act to help immigrant youth attend college.

While White tried to reach out to Hispanics by speaking Spanish and airing ads that focused on his family, the former Houston mayor also matched Perry with commercials proclaiming he will crack down on the border.

"Who’s tougher on the border isn’t exactly going to excite a lot of Latino voters," Campos said.

In yesterday’s FW Star Telegram there was a piece on GOP gains in the Lone Star State’s Latino community.  It is an interesting piece.  Check it out.

I don’t know what else I can say about this other than to say the Lone Star State Dem Party’s approach as well as the Harris County Dem Party’s approach to the Latino vote has been an absolute failure.  The proof is in the numbers from November 2.

Meanwhile, CEWDEM’s call for new leadership for the Harris County Democratic Party has brought a bunch of responses and some recommendations.  I’m not going to comment on the recommendations other than to say that I want someone that will proclaim:  THE PRIORITY OF THE HARRIS COUNTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS TO FULLY ENGAGE THE LATINO VOTER AND THE LATINO COMMUNITY!

Of the top five pitchers on the all-time career strikeout list, three are not in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Who am I talking about?

At about this time this year, Balls of Holly was probably a little miffed because she was stuck in a city council election run-off and if she won (which she did) it would probably be difficult for her to turn around and run for a county wide office.   I’m thinking she probably isn’t too miffed these days.  She saved herself a lot of money and effort.

# 1 Nolan Ryan is in.  #2 Randy Johnson will soon be in.  #3 Roger Clemens may never get in.  #4 Steve Carlton is in.  #5 Bert Blyleven is not in.

#17 Jim Bunning is in but will soon be out of the U.S. Senate.

The ‘Stros hired a batting coach and his name is Mike Barnett and I’ve never heard of him.  They call him “Barney” who will report to “Millsie” and who will replace “Baggy” and that’s all I have from The Yard.


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