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For the last few election cycles, I’ve asked around to find out who’s pulling the strings and calling the shots on how we go about developing a strategy and allocating resources for the local Democratic Party effort during the general elections.   Is it the Chairman of the Harris County Democratic Party?  Is there some sort of shadow Democratic Party leadership team that meets in some conference room?  Is there a gathering in a nondescript coffee shop?  Who’s in charge?

I say this because CEWDEM put out a call a couple of days ago for the heads of the leadership team of the Harris County Democratic Party?   A lot of other local Dem activists have jumped on CEWDEM’s bandwagon.  In today’s front page of the Chron, Chair Gerry Birnberg responded – sort of.  Here is from the piece:  Birnberg said he will thoroughly assess the county operation over the next 45 days “and thereafter make a decision as to whether I should be involved or not be involved.”   Check out the piece.

If the Chair in fact has been making the decisions, then maybe a change is in store.  I suspect others are also involved.

If the Chair does decide to move on, the first thing I want his replacement to say is this:   THE PRIORITY OF THE HARRIS COUNTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS TO FULLY ENGAGE THE LATINO  VOTER AND THE LATINO COMMUNITY.

I also want her/him to start listening to folks like Houston CM James Rodriguez, Wendy Montoya Rodriguez and Commentary on how to get the local Latino vote engaged.  The local Democratic Party needs a fresh perspective in approaching the Latino community because those that have been in charge and giving advice haven’t been doing their job.   Just look at turnout results if you need proof.

Former Tigers/Reds skipper Sparky Anderson is no longer with us.  In 2000, the Baseball Hall of Fame Veterans Committee selected Sparky to go into the Hall of Fame.  Who were the two MLBers that the Baseball Writers elected to the Hall in 2000?

There are other folks around the state that are echoing what Commentary said yesterday about not embracing immigration reform and  The DREAM Act and how it dampened Latino voter turnout in parts of the Lone Star State.  One of the SA Express news columnists has a piece on the issue today. 
Check it out.

Here is what The Roundtable sent out yesterday proclaiming my pal Jim Grace as the 2010 Pundit of the Year. Way to go Jim!

It was a Republican night not only at the polls, but also in The Pool. 


The Roundtable extends its congratulations to Jim Grace, the frighteningly well-connected Baker Botts lobbyist, upon the occasion of his coronation as Houston’s 2010 Pundit of the Year.  His stunning political prognostication skills overwhelmed the crowd gathered for last night’s counting of the ballots.  And he survived a baseless last-minute challenge by former champion Marc Campos, who emerged as first runner-up to the crown.  


If for any reason Mr. Grace cannot discharge his duties as Pundit of the Year, Mr. Campos will assume the duties of the office.

Good luck, Jim.  Don’t forget to check your car for explosives.

Commentary didn’t really challenge, I just asked for Jim’s voter ID!

There was a story in yesterday’s Chron about the City of H-Town’s red light cameras and when are they coming down.  The Kubosh brothers who funded the effort to kill the cameras want them down now.  Some folks at the city probably want to demonize the Kubosh brothers.  I’d be careful about doing that.  53% of the voters knew what they were doing on this issue.   Maybe the city ought to give my old pal George Hittner and Chris Begala and all the other folks that ran the campaign to save the red lights a ladder so they can start taking the cameras down.

Carlton Fisk and Tony Perez of course were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame along with Sparky Anderson in 2000.

What do I know?  It turns out that the ‘Stros are going to be active in the free agent market after all but not in a big way and that’s all there is from The Yard.

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