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Mega lobbyist/lawyer Jim Grace last night picked up The Roundtable’s 2010 Pundit of Year, barely edging out Commentary by less than a handful of points.  I’ll have to settle for runner-up.  Jim has a good eye for what is going on.  Congrats to Jim but too bad his red light camera clients went down the tubes. 

An AP sponsored poll of voters found that 39% of Latinos voted for Guv Dude.  I should be shocked and surprised but I’m not.  I mentioned a long while back that Dude brought in Latino pros that have experience working in the Latino community.  I guess Dude’s investment paid off.

Cin sent me a piece about the Latino vote in California being energized and being the key to victory for the Dems running for Governor and U.S. Senator.

My Best Friend told me yesterday that embracing the Latino voter and getting out front on immigration reform and The DREAM Act helped save Harry Reid’s job in Nevada.

We could have done a lot better of engaging the Latino vote here in the Lone Star State and in Harris County.  Heck, it only cost us a Harris County Commissioner.

In State House District 129 (GOP Davis), there was a 48.1% turnout.  In HD 136 (GOP Woolley), there was a 53.1% TO.  In HD 140 (Dem Walle), there was a 25.6% TO.  In HD 143 (Dem Hernandez), there was a 26.5% TO.  In HD 145 (Dem Alvarado), there was a 29.4% TO. 

Somebody from Austin sent me a note yesterday saying that I was kicking the Dem Party when they were down.  The fella said that I must be fun at funerals.  He also said nobody was going to call me.

Heck!   What I said yesterday is what I have saying for about a decade and a half about the Dem Party here in the Lone Star State and Harris County.  I didn’t break new ground yesterday.  By the way, I got a few calls and emails yesterday and they were all positive except from the fella from Austin.

Who was the first MLBer to make a cool mil in a season?

Here is what gets me.  Some Dem folks are already talking about mounting a charge for the U.S. Senate seat here in the Lone Star State in 2012.  Don’t forget that The President will also be on the ballot.  The Dem candidate for Senator can’t act like The President isn’t on the ballot and expect to win.  The Dem candidate for Senator can’t run against The President’s policies and expect to win.  Hey, why don’t we try something novel and run with and embrace The President.

This is what Cong. Ciro Rodriguez said yesterday about his future:  “No one is going to retire me. I’ll do that on my own.”  Somebody needs to show Ciro the final results.

The worst thing that Dems here in Harris County and Lone Star State can do is to totally blame Tuesday’s arse whipping on the lack of jobs and a repudiation of The President’s policies.  We need to start today on figuring out how to fully engage (and I’ll say it again) the Latino vote – PERIOD!

Nolan Ryan of course was the first to get paid a million when he signed with the ‘Stros in 1980.

Speaking of free agents, don’t expect the ‘Stros to go after high dollar help this off season and that’s all I have from The Yard.


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