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We got clobbered pure and simple last night.

I’m sure folks will blame it on The President’s policies, Speaker Pelosi and the Red Tide that struck the old U.S. of A. but we still are fundamentally flawed here in the Lone Star State as far as Dem Party is concerned.  The folks that have been running the Dem Party here in the Lone Star State are old school for sure.  They aren’t thinking creatively and aren’t thinking outside of the box.  If anybody has confidence in them, then they are full of sh___!

Ditto for the Dem Party here in Harris County – I don’t know who’s in charge, but whoever is making decisions needs to take a hike.  If you don’t agree with me, then you are full of sh__!

The local elected official that has put the old bull’s eye on Commentary’s back for the past eight years is toast now, so Dems don’t have to fear if they call me at 713-861-2244.

Oh, by the way, Prop 1 passed last night and I want to thank my teammates including Grant Martin, Kathryn McNeil, Kim Jessup, Keith Wade, Carolyn Campbell, and Maggie Nelson for their outstanding effort.

Commentary’s client, HISD Trustee District VIII candidate Judith Cruz also had an outstanding evening, leading by 15 points and over 2000 votes heading into a runoff.  She has a great team behind her!

Prop 3 bit the dust.   The red light camera folks let the other side give them the old Kubosh.  The Prop 3 campaign folks should have hired the Prop 1 folks if you ask me but NOBODY EVER ASKS ME!

Which MLB Hall of Famer and member of the 500 dinger club had a dinger in his last career at-bat?

What can I say about Guv Dude?

Ted Williams of course in his last at-bat hit diner numero 521 back in 1960.

Fox Sports sucks if you ask me.  They have a full page ad in the Chron today proclaiming the Rangers as Texas’ Team.  I think they are just knocking the ‘Stros for starting up their own TV network.  I wish Pam-In-Charge could start up the new network sooner and that’s all there is from The Yard.


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