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There isn’t much to say on a day like today.

I just came in from the field and it’s all local.

Some of the Tejano Dems are pushing for Jessica Farrar.

A lot of other Dems are involved in the HISD District VIII Special.

A whole lot are out there for Commissioner Garcia.

Gene Green has his folks out there.

I didn’t see any statewide activity.

It is all local.

This Hall of Fame MLBer got only 1 hit in 19 at-bats during the 1969 World Serious but came back in 1970 and hit .429 with 2 dingers to win the Serious MVP in 1970.  Who am I talking about?

Just from the feel of stuff out in the field this morning.  I don’t think we are going to  hit the County Clerk’s 39% turnout here in Harris County.

Brooks Robinson of course was the Serious MVP as B-More took the Reds in five in the 1970 World Serious.

Congrats to the Giants as I can now officially look forward to Opening Day against the Phillies!


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