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Commentary has always said that The Dean is the smartest fella in state government here in the Lone Star State.  Last night The Dean spoke to a few Latino Dems and he challenged us to let him know what agency in state government was functioning properly.  He didn’t get any positive responses.  It got me to wondering if the Former H-Town Mayor’s campaign has been consulting with The Dean.  Stay tuned!

Commentary’s client, HISD Trustee District VIII candidate Judith Cruz is being attacked on all sides these days.  One opponent is stealing her signs.  Another opponent is disparaging her financial contributors.  Another launched robo calls last night with a negative message.

I guess Judith must be doing the right things.

Yesterday I mentioned that the Giants had swept the Cleveland Indians in the 1954 World Serious.  When was the last time the Tribe won the World Serious?

From Alyson’s Footnotes yesterday: At the start of the season, the average age of the Astros starting eight was 31, after the July 31 trade deadline, that average age was 27.

I bet you didn’t know that!

Whoopi and Joy Behar walked off of their own show “View” yesterday because their guest Bill O’Reilly dissed Muslims. Why did you invite that fella anyway?  What are you doing walking off of your own show?

Commentary picked up some inside info yesterday that “Cigar Guy” was trying to decide if he was going to make an appearance on Election Night standing behind Guv Dude or behind the Former Mayor.

In 1948 of course, Cleveland beat the Boston Braves, 4 games to 2.  In 1953, the Boston Braves became the Milwaukee Braves and in 1966, they became THE ATL – got it!

Mark your calendars!  Spring Training will start on February 16.  I wonder if Drayton will invite “Cigar Guy” to sit with him on Opening Day.


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The Chron has a story today about City of H-Town higher ups and their emails during the Heights Wal-Mart brouhaha.  Memo to public employees – your emails are mine.   Anyone can put forward one of those public information requests and snatch your stuff off of your computers so watch what you say.

Meanwhile, the story kind of points out that folks in my ‘hood didn’t raise a stink when the Target was first proposed across from the Heights a few years ago.  That was a different deal.  Target ain’t Wal-Mart if you know what I mean.  When they stuck the Target down the street, there wasn’t a whole lot going on in that part of town. 

All the anti paperless folks must be having fits this morning when they read that Latinos are outliving everybody else.  We’ll just wait you out if you know what I mean.

When was the last time the San Francisco Giants won a World Serious?

Chron.com also has takes from folks that saw the “Waiting for Superman” flick.  It looks like it gets positive review from the school choice folks.

The Former H-Town keeps hammering away at Guv Dude on ethics and his enterprise fund.  Non partisan political observers say the hammering isn’t having an effect.  They say the same thing about the Back to Basics ads that go after Dude.  Apparently, the enterprise fund has been a handy tool for Dude.  Drop some dough on a buddy’s new business, and get campaign donations in return.  Sounds like business as usual.

In 1954 of course, the Giants swept Cleveland in four games, of course, the Giants were from New York back then.

The renovations at The Yard will include a new hip section for the hip crowd.  I wonder if they are going to give the section hip name. 



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I don’t know about you, but this Democrat hasn’t read any good stories in hard copy or online these days about things going A-Okay for Democrats in the Lone Star State heading into next Monday’s Early Voting in Person. The same thing goes for TV.  There is a story in today’s Chron about the Former H-Town Mayor trying to derail Guv Dude’s reelection and not having success – yet.   In the article, my old pal Bill Miller says “Bill White is being treated as a loser by Rick Perry.”  Ouch!

We’ve seen the stories about all the polls showing Dude ahead despite the fact that he’s gotten bad coverage on his enterprise fund handouts to his buddies.  He’s also had the kitchen sink thrown at him by the Back to Basics PAC and he still moves along like the Energizer Bunny.

I want to see the stories that say this race is tightening up.  I want to see stories that say the Latino vote is energized and will likely make the difference.  I want to see the stories that say Dude’s shady handling of the enterprise fund is fixing to bite him in the arse. 

I’m afraid if we don’t start getting some better press, our vote might think, what the heck, it ain’t our year so why go vote.  Before the Texas Two Step back in the winter of 2008 and in the fall of 2008, there was a buzz on the street about going to vote.   I don’t hear the buzz these days.

Of course, we’ll have a picture of sorts to look at Monday evening after the first day of Early Voting.

When was the last time the Yankees lost in an ALCS?

The First Lady will hit the trail today to campaign for Dems.  Of course, she won’t be coming to the Lone Star State.

It takes about 15 minutes for the Chilean miners to ride up in the capsule gizmo in total darkness.  If I had to ride in total darkness for 15 minutes, I’d want one of those ipod gizmos with two songs – “Hey Jude” and “Light My Fire” – that would probably consume the 15 minutes.

In 2004 of course, the Yankees led the Red Sox three games to zip but then lost four in a row.

The Houston Press took a dig at the renovations at The Yard Pam-In-Charge announced last week.  He referenced Alyson’s Footnotes and said Alyson was an MLB writer.  FYI:  Alyson works for the ‘Stros.  That’s all I have from The Yard.

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The Chron has a front page story about this year’s lengthy ballot in Harris County.  They say it is the longest ballot in history.  Check out the story.
I just hope the story doesn’t scare people away from going to vote since it’ll probably take your lunch hour to vote in every contest.

The campaigns of the Former H-Town Mayor and Guv Dude traded accusations yesterday on ethics.  Dude’s campaign must be feeling pretty good these days.  I guess they feel they can afford to diss Cowboy Nation.  Here’s what they said yesterday: "Bill White talking about ethics has about as much credibility as the Cowboys talking about the Super Bowl at this stage of the season.”  Ouch!

Last night, Braves skipper Bobby Cox managed his final game.  Now he’s former Braves skipper Bobby Cox.  He ends his career with 2,504 wins as a skipper.  Where does he rank in all time wins and who is ahead of him on the win list?

From our press release yesterday:

Houston civic leader Wendy Montoya Rodriguez today announced her support for Judith Cruz, candidate for HISD Trustee, District VIII.   The following statement was released today by Ms. Rodriguez:

“As a mother with a future HISD public school system student, when I imagine the future education of my son Jake, and the education of all HISD students at this moment, I want a trustee with a passion for education and with actual experience in the HISD school system to hit the ground running.  Judith is a professional educator and mother whose creativity, patience, hours of planning, and relentless effort as a teacher will translate well as a trustee.  She is a candidate with a vested interest in the success of the HISD system and a candidate that is not using this as a stepping-stone in a political career.  Judith Cruz is the most qualified candidate and her head and her heart are in this race.”

“I am honored, humbled, and proud to have the support of Wendy Montoya Rodriguez.  Wendy is one of our community’s most respected and admired leaders.  She is also a role model to many of our students that want to pursue their dreams.   Wendy understands the need to move forward on educational reform that benefits all of our children,” said Judith Cruz.

Bobby Cox ranks fourth in managerial career wins behind Connie Mack (3,731), John McGraw (2,763), and Tony LaRussa (2,638) of course.

According to the Houston Press, HISD has already made their picks in the race for governor.  Here’s what the Press says:

Houston ISD’s assessment of the upcoming state legislative session on Monday began with the declaration that Bill White doesn’t have a chance and that Rick Perry will continue as governor.

Rebecca Flores, the director of Government Relations for HISD, and board attorney David Thompson delivered their expectations during an afternoon agenda review prior to Thursday’s board meeting.

"Gov. Perry has a sizeable lead. We expect no change," Flores told trustees. She also said there was a low probability of change in the Senate or speaker’s race, but that Democrats may lose a few seats in the House, perhaps three to five.

Yikes!  I don’t know about placing bets this early with six days to go before Early Voting in Person!

I hope HISD doesn’t start picking in next year’s NL Central Division race since we don’t even know who’s on first for the ‘Stros.


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“Money, money, money, must be funny, in the rich man’s world!”

Commentary’s client, HISD trustee candidate Judith Cruz, was attacked by one of her opponents last Friday because she leads in fundraising in the District VIII race.  CEWDEM gave it some play.  Oh brother!

In particular, the opponent singled out one of Judith’s biggest supporters, John Arnold.  Hey, John Arnold and his wife Laura also gave serious dough to the President and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and a few other Dems which is A-Okay in my book.  They have also given millions of their dollars to education endeavors that benefit Latino and other minority school children.

Laura Arnold is on the Rice University Board of Trustees.  In the Rice University press release announcing her selection, here is what it said: (Laura) Arnold co-founded the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, which invests in innovative strategies to address the country’s most significant social justice issues, including poverty and education.


There certainly isn’t anything sinister about their foundation. 

In reading the attack, one would think that HISD is a troubled asset that John Arnold wants to control.  The accusation maker has been hanging around too many grassy knolls if you ask me.

Laura Arnold is also a Latina but who notices these things anyway. 

There are a whole bunch of elected officials in town that have raised tons of money for their campaigns.  They do it to run effective campaigns.   They also do it to keep challengers away.  Judith Cruz is just trying to raise funds to run an effective campaign.  

There is definitely nothing wrong with that if you ask me.

There is certainly nothing sinister about that either.

It is obvious that the opponent that attacked her is concerned about Judith’s candidacy and campaign. 

It is also obvious that her opponents are concerned because they are resorting to stealing her  signs. 

The SA Express News had a piece yesterday on who is going to control the Texas House of Representatives.   Check it out.

Here is from the piece:

Democratic strategist Matt Angle says most of the key House races on the watch list involve districts with growing Hispanic populations that are trending Democratic.

Well I sure hope they are doing more than just talking about the Latino vote.

The Phillies swept the Reds to make it into the NLCS.  This is the fourth year in a row the Phillies are in the playoffs.  Who have they played in the playoffs since 2007 and how have they fared?

Dem State Rep. Patrick Rose is banging on paperless folks in his reelection campaign.  I don’t know about that.  I guess he has to do what he has to do.
Check out the story.

Burkablog doesn’t think much on how the Former H-Town Mayor’s campaign has been run.  Here’s what he had to say this past Friday:

White’s TV has been terrible from day one and shows no sign of getting better. It’s almost as bad as Hutchison’s. Has the Perry camp discovered a secret method of hypnotizing their opponents into an ineffective stupor? When Perry started attacking White over the B-TEC issue, which I regard as entirely phony, the White camp allowed Perry’s ads to run unanswered while they became embedded in viewers’ minds. This was an attack on White’s character. Why did they wait so long to answer it? I suspect that the White and Hutchison campaigns were so ineffective is the same: The candidates were too deeply involved in their own campaigns. The Hutchison campaign was said to be rife with second-guessing. A lot of candidates can put together a first-class campaign team, but it doesn’t do any good if the candidate is always looking over their shoulders. Perry never makes this mistake. He has the best team around and he lets them go about their business.

Speaking of, former SA Mayor Ed Garza endorsed Guv Dude yesterday.

The Burnt Orange guys think it going to be darn near impossible for the Former H-Town Mayor to knock off Dude.  Here’s what they said yesterday:

Overcoming it in the next 25 days will be nothing short of a miracle, but overcoming it, eventually, is nothing short of mandatory for the sake of our state, our system, and our sanity.

Of course, it ain’t over until it is over!

In 2007, the Phillies got swept by the Rockies in the NLDS.

IN 2008, they beat the Brewers 3-1 in the NLDS, beat the Dodgers 4-1 in the NLCS, and took the World Serious from the Rays, 4-1.

In 2009, they beat the Rockies 3-1 in the NLDS, beat the Dodgers 4-1 in the NLCS, and lost the World Serious to the Yankees, 4-2.

The ‘Stros skipper got a one year extension on his contract this past weekend and that’s all I have from The Yard.

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Commentary told someone the other day it is not a good idea to bet against the Former H-Town Mayor because you never know.  You have to wonder about today’s hard copy of the Chron in the top headline story that quotes a Rice professor as saying “at this point, I don’t see anything White can do.” 

R.G. wrote the piece and he says “surveys show Gov. Rick Perry on the cusp of a re-election…”  R.G. is referring to the recent polls that have been released that still show Guv Dude ahead. 

A UT political scientist in the piece says “the trend is in the wrong direction for White.”

The sub headline in the continued story screams “the opportunity clock is ticking…”

The fella that runs the Lone Star State Dem Party says “Bill White has to make the sale, and he doesn’t have much time to do it.”

I don’t think they ought to be writing a premature obit if you ask me.   An article like this has the potential to dampen Dem turnout in a year when Dems are already less enthused about voting than GOP voters.  It becomes problematic if other newspapers or websites or bloggers start writing similar articles as Early Voting in Person approaches. Dem voters might think – “what the heck, why go vote, the ballgame is over?”   Check out R.G.’s article here.

Commentary dropped by the Teach for America banquet last night and heard Michelle Rhee, the Chancellor of the D.C. Public Schools speak.  She is very articulate and made a good speech.  She was introduced by local philanthropist Laura Arnold who is also an excellent and articulate speaker.

HPOU endorsed Guv Dude yesterday.  What’s up with that other than they went with the “friendly incumbent” rule? 

The Big Puma hit a dinger for the Yankees yesterday.  When was the last time The Big Puma had a post season dinger?

A few months ago HISD said they were over budget on the bond program by $30 plus mil.  Yesterday they announced that they had made a booboo and were $30 mil under budget.  HISD Trustee Anna Eastman said this in response – "I think we’ve got some work to do to rebuild the trust of the public." 

Way to go Anna!

Now Dude is saying he is going to get rid of and go after sanctuary cities.  He’s starting to sound like the Hunchback of Notre Dame fella Quasimodo – “to the sanctuary!”

On October 17, 2005 in Game 4 of the NLCS of course The Big Puma had a dinger.  That was also the game Pujols had his three run dinger off of Lidge that is still in orbit..

Pam-In-Charge announced yesterday that The Yard will get a major spruced up look just in time for next season.  The look includes getting a new video board.  We’re going hip and we’re going HD.  Here is from her press release:

The new primary video board will be located in right field and will measure 54 feet high and 124 feet wide, making it the second-largest board of its kind in the Major Leagues. The Astros current video board is 26 feet high and 45 feet wide. A smaller video board will be installed in left field, and a ribbon board stretching from foul pole to foul pole (over 1,000 feet long) will also be added.

"We’re extremely excited about the changes," (Pam) Gardner (Astros’ President for Business Operations) commented. "It is time. Our current video board has served us well, but it is time for us to make these upgrades, which will increase the entertainment value for our fans. We’re adding a second board in left field so that the fans in right field can enjoy a video board, which has not been the case in the past.

"Everything will be HD, which is the way the world is going. You have to stay fresh. We view Minute Maid Park as our home. It’s our home that we welcome our fans into."

Gardner also announced today that the Astros will be adding a new, premium club seating area on the lower press box/main concourse level behind home plate for the 2011 season. This seating area will include an upscale bar and dining experience option for fans.

"We envision the new seating area to be kind of a fun, hip, space for our fans that will be located in a prime viewing location in the ballpark," Gardner said.

The lower press box, which had been for the writing press, will be moved up to the broadcast level press box. All media will now be on the same level, which is the case in several Major League ballparks.

I’m ready for that new look!


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Commentary mentioned before that he’s helping Prop 1 get passed.  The Chron has a piece today on the issue and I don’t think it can be explained any better than how the H-Town Mayor has laid it out:

It is absolutely imperative that we invest in our long-term infrastructure in the city of Houston. If we don’t tackle drainage, if we don’t put money into streets, the city is going to begin to crumble around us. We cannot continue to grow and it begins to cut off our economic lifeline…”

Take that!

I wonder what they are thinking.  Don Sumners, the GOP candidate for Harris County Tax Assessor Collector, is being outspent by the Dem candidate, Diane Trautman, by the tune of 13 to 1. You have to wonder what is up with the local GOP leaders.  Are they conceding this race?  The GOP doesn’t think that Sumners is worthy?  Stay tuned!

Of course, baseball fans are talking about Roy Halladay’s no-no for the Phillies last night over the Reds.  They are mentioning the only other no-no in playoff history, Don Larsen’s perfect game in Game 5 of the 1956 World Serious.  Yesterday, Halladay struck out 8 and threw 104 pitches.  How many did Larsen strike out in 1956 and how many pitches did he throw?

Another poll was release yesterday and it was a bit different from the KHOU/BELO poll.  The Texas Lyceum poll has Guv Dude leading the Former H-Town Mayor – 48% to 43%. 

Don Larsen struck out 7 and threw 97 pitches of course in Game 5 of the 1956 World Serious.

The Yankees won last night but The Big Puma didn’t see any action and stayed on the bench.

Of course, like I said a couple of days ago, it looks like the ‘Stros will face Halladay in the season opener on April 1 in Philly – drats!


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A national Pew Hispanic Center poll released yesterday shows Latinos still hanging with the Democratic Party candidates.  That’s the good news.   The bad news though is they are not as enthused as they were in 2008.   Here is what it tells me.  They are paying attention to the news and current events.  They know that the GOP is banging on them on the immigration issue including opposing The DREAM Act.  They read the papers, watch the news, go online, and talk to their co-workers, neighbors, and family members.  Of course, a lot of their info gathering is through the Spanish language media – newspapers and Univision for instance.  So it leads me to wonder how massive of a Spanish language media outreach effort are the Dems-In-Charge conducting.  I’ll probably know in around 12 days.  Stay tuned!

Commentary saw an anti red light camera big sign at a prominent location on North Main Street the other day.

It is not unusual to see HISD Trustee candidate Judith Cruz go campaigning with her youngest (fixing to turn one year) in one of those harness gizmos strapped to her back.  It is kind of cute if you ask me.

Yesterday I said that Hunter Pence ended the season with 91 RBIS.  Who holds the ‘Stros record for most RBIs in a season?

Recent national polls are suggesting that there seems to be a slight surge in enthusiasm among Dem voters.   I’m thinking that maybe losing the U.S. House isn’t a done deal yet.

The GOP nominee for governor of California botched it with Latino voters on this paperless housekeeper issue.  She banged around paperless folks but forgot to tell folks she had one working for her.  That’s a no-no and now she is paying the price.  A few stories say that Latinos are not happy with her and the Latino vote will be the difference in her demise.

I wish we could say that the Latino vote would be the difference here in the Lone Star State.

MariGirl went to a special screening last night of “Waiting for Superman” and she said it was great.

The Big Puma of course had 136 RBIs in 2006.

The MLB playoffs start today so I guess I’ll keep an eye on them.  It’s Rangers-Rays, followed by Red-Phillies, followed by Yankees-Twins in prime time.

The Chron’s Sports Columnist has a piece today about the ‘Stros in 2011.  He mentions trading away Numero 45.  I don’t know about that.   I still think he has some punch in his bat.  Stay tuned!


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KHOU (Channel 11)/BELO released a poll last night that has Guv Dude leading the Former H-Town Mayor 50% to 36%.  If these numbers are true, then you have to admit that Dude is running a good campaign.  The Lone Star State is facing a $20 bil budget deficit.  In today’s Chron there is a front page story about the state running way low on highway construction funds.  College tuition has shot through the roof.  ISDs throughout the state are hurting for funding and Dude is still ahead? Again, you have to admit that his campaign has pushed the right buttons.   Let’s just hope that maybe all of the recent polls have been dead wrong.

Oh, I forgot to mention.  Dude also has a huge cash advantage – ouch!
Check out the poll story here.

Hunter Pence had the most RBIs for the ‘Stros this season with 91.  When was the last time a ‘Stro led the team in RBIs with less than 100?

HISD Trustee, District VIII candidate Judith Cruz picked up a key endorsement this morning.  See the following press release.


Houston Business-Education Coalition PAC (HBEC)

Endorses Judith Cruz for Fall HISD Election

(Houston)—The Houston Business-Education Coalition (HBEC) is pleased to announce that it has endorsed Judith Cruz in the special election November 2nd to fill the vacancy for District 8 of the Board of the Houston Independent School District (HISD). 

"We have considered responses to a detailed questionnaire by the candidates," said Jonathan Day, HBEC PAC Chair.  "Based on these responses, we have concluded that Judith Cruz is the most qualified candidate.  She joined Teach For America after college and has more than eight years of teaching at-risk students in public schools.  We believe that the HISD Board can benefit from this experience in teaching English as a second language and special education.  Judith and her family have deep roots in the East End and their oldest child is already enrolled in an HISD neighborhood school.  We are very proud to endorse Judith Cruz." 

HBEC is comprised of 14 business and professional leaders who are vitally interested in the quality of the leadership on the HISD Board.  Members of the HBEC PAC are:

James Calaway – President, Calaway Interests LLC

Jonathan Day – Of Counsel, Andrews Kurth LLP

Larry Kellner – Chairman and CEO, Emerald Creek Group

Ramon Manning – CEO, Partners Energy Group

Sherea McKenzie – Executive Director, Joint City/County Commission on Children

Gasper Mir – Principal, MFR P.C.

Rod Paige – Former Secretary of Education & Former Superintendent of HISD

Adrian Patterson – Associate, Fulbright & Jaworski LLP

Gracie Saenz – Attorney

Douglas M. Selman – R&D VP, (Retired)

Michael Treviño – Reputation Management Associates

Lori Vetters – Principal, MFR P.C.

Jim Windham – Windham Capital

Don Woo – President,  Mission Constructors

About Judith Cruz


George Washington University – Washington, D.C. (Master of Arts in Bilingual Education, August 2002)

University of Texas – Austin, Texas (Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies, May 1999)

Certified in teaching English as a Second Language and Special Education

Eight years of experience in public schools working with at-risk youth

National Council of Teachers of English, National Association of Bilingual Education


"I will hold schools accountable for high standards to close the achievement gap so our children are prepared for college.  We must have more creative solutions for reducing the dropout rate and make sure our students have the skills they need in the workplace."

I send my son to Lantrip Elementary, my neighborhood school.  The school, the faculty and staff are welcoming, supportive, and challenge students–including my son who’s in kindergarten.  I know not every HISD school is like this.  Schools need to be competitive and attract parents.  Good schools make good neighborhoods.  Good neighborhoods make good communities.  Parents shouldn’t have to leave their zip code to have a strong school."

About Houston Business-Education Coalition (PAC)

HBEC is committed to supporting candidates for school board positions who demonstrate the leadership to improve student academic performance.  HBEC is also committed to creating support in the community for significant changes that are required in Houston’s public schools.

Not bad at all if you ask me.

In 1995 of course, Jeff Bagwell lead the team with 87 RBIs.  Because of the players’ strike, we only played 144 games that year and Bagwell also got hurt that year and missed about 30 games or so.  This season is the first in Minute Maid Park history that a ‘Stros player didn’t get at least 100 RBIs.

When we open the season in Philly next April, we will probably go up against a reigning Cy Young Award winner just like we did in our opener this season.  I’m talking about Roy Halladay.  I don’t know about that!


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The Chron endorsed Prop 1 yesterday.  Check it out.

Early Voting in Person starts in a couple of weeks and I don’t know if I’ve received any mailers here.  What’s up with that?

According to Dallas Morning News, Guv Dude is taking full advantage of his Enterprise Fund.  He doles out money to companies and the principals of the firms pay him back with campaign donations.  Either they ought to restrict the principals of the companies from donating to Dude or others, or they ought to do away with the fund.

Today is the deadline for turning in campaign financial reports. It will be interesting to see who has what.  Stay tuned!

How many former ‘Stros from the 2005 World Serious team will be playing in the post season and can you name them, please.

My pal Drayton had Ag Commish Todd Staples as his guest yesterday.  The Ag Commish got his mug on TV for most of the game.  With all due respect to his Dem opponent, the Ag Commish was doing his job yesterday.  Before the game I saw him inspecting the ConocoPhillips pump at The Yard.

Six of course as Andy Pettitte and The Big Puma are with the Yankees, Dan Wheeler and Chad Qualls are with the Rays, and Brad Lidge and Roy O. are with the Phillies. 

Yesterday was a great day to be at The Yard.  It was perfect weather.  Commentary and Dante sat in Pam-In-Charge’s seat and Dante had two balls tossed at him by Jeff Keppinger and Chris Johnson.

The Chron said we would go 17-13 in September/October.  We went 15-15.  The Chron said we would end the season at 77-85.   We ended up at 76-86.    The Chron also said Commentary would snag six foul balls this season, but I only got three.  It wasn’t a good year.

It was a disappointing and interesting season.  We had a horrible first two months and the fizzled out in the last two weeks.  In late July, we said adios to Roy O. and The Big Puma.  We said adios to Matsui.  It looks like it will be adios to Geoff Blum.

Numero 45 had a lousy year.  We brought up Jason Castro and Chris Johnson.  Johnson did A-Okay with a .308 average.  Castro has to work on his hitting.  We traded for Brett Wallace and he got some time at first base but only hit .222.  I guess that’s why the team is thinking of putting Numero 45 at first next year.

The pitching was a pleasant surprise with Brett Myers ending up as the team ace.  Wandy Rodriguez ended the season pretty strong.  J.A. Happ also looked good.   Nelson Figueroa made a solid case for a place in the rotation and Bud Norris is still a work in progress.  The relief corps handled business with Brandon Lyon and Matt Lindstrom doing a very good job closing.

Hunter Pence had a very good year.  So did Jeff Keppinger.  Michael Bourn’s base running and fielding were outstanding.  He needs better consistency at the plate though.  If we are going to compete next year, we need to improve our offense.  If Numero 45 hits next season like he did this season, it is going to be another long year.

Wait until next year as the Red Sox come in for two exhibition games on March 30 and 31.  We open on April 1 in Philly and then open in our Yard against the Fish on April 8. 


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