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It has happened to just about everyone that has been involved in political campaigns – getting your campaign signs stolen.  The Judith Cruz for HISD Trustee, District VIII campaign has been plagued by sign stealing from Day 1.  They’ve taken most of our 4×8 signs from private property and have taken yard signs out of the yards of our supporters.  The big signs can cost around $25 each and the smaller ones $3 each. 

Friday night, Judith Cruz decided to file a theft report with HPD.  Saturday night, we decided to stake out the Ripley House Early Vote location and lo and behold we nailed the thief.  I can’t give you his name right now but he was driving a King Ranch Blue and Tan pick-up.  He was putting out signs for our opponent Juliet Stipeche and snatching up Judith Cruz signs.  He was also putting out signs for another candidate that I prefer not to mention.  He was accompanied by another fella that drove off in a small white pick-up that has been parked at Ripley House with a big Stipeche sign.   We filmed the King Ranch pick-up fella in the act of stealing and turned the video and license plate number over to the police.

Nobody saw the King Ranch pick-up yesterday and the smaller white pick-up was also AWOL.   We caught the thief.  We will be posting more on the thief tomorrow including his name.

Burkablog put up some of my unscientific Early Vote takes on his website last week and got some folks to talking and predicting.  First let me say that my takes are “unscientific.”  I think we’re still learning about folks Voting Early and their habits.  Plus, remember we had a big fire that destroyed a whole lot of the eSlate gizmos a few months and there was a call for folks to Vote Early.

Let me take you back to what happened in November of 2008.

In State House District 131 (Alma Allen in an African American Dem District), 30.1% of the total votes cast were cast on Election Day.  That means 69.9% Vote Early in Person or by mail.

HD 139 (Sylvester Turner in an AA Dem District), 31% voted on Election Day so that means 69% voted Early.

HD 141 (Senfronia Thompson in an AA Dem District), 29% voted on E-Day.

HD 142 (Harold Dutton in an AA Dem District), 30% voted on E-Day.

Does the above mean that African Americans just couldn’t wait around and wanted to vote for Barack Obama ASAP.   Maybe they are not in a hurry to vote this time around.

In 2008, HD 132 (Calegari in a GOP District), 37.4% voted on E-Day, 62.6% voted Early.

HD 135 (Elkins in a GOP District), 38.6% voted on E-Day.

HD 136 (Woolley in a GOP District), 38.1% voted on E-Day.

HD 150 (Riddle in a GOP District), 40.1% voted on E-Day.

Does the above mean that this time around GOP voters are a little bit more fired up and are in a hurry to say no to The President’s policies? 

In 2008, HD 133 (Thibaut in a leaning Dem district), 33% voted on E-Day, 67% voted Early.

I think both campaigns had aggressive efforts to get their vote out Early.

In 2008, HD 134 (Ellen Cohen in leaning Dem district), 40.9% voted on E-Day, 59.1% voted Early.

I’m scratching my head on this one.

In 2008, HD 140 (Armando Walle in Latino Dem District), 50.1% voted on E-Day, 49.9% voted Early.

HD 143 (Ana Hernandez in Latino Dem District), 53.5% voted on E-Day.

HD 145 (Carol Alvarado in Latino Dem District), 50.1% voted on E-Day.

The above tells me that the Latino vote is a community that is paid the least attention to and they’ll wait until manana to go vote.

We will see!

Early Voting in Person through seven days yesterday in Harris County was at 181,084 as compared to 314,252 through seven days in 2008.

In 2008, Kingwood was 3.9% of the total (678,312 in person) Early Vote for Harris County.  Through yesterday they were 5.2% (of 181,084).

In 2008, Clear Lake was 3.3% of total county Early Vote.  Through yesterday, they were 5.2%.

In 2008, West Gray was 5.3% of total county Early Vote.  Through yesterday they were 6.6%.

In 2008, Tracy Gee was 3.1% of total county Early Vote.  Through yesterday they were 3.4%.

In 2008, Acres Home was 3.6% of total county Early Vote.  Through yesterday they were 2.4%.

In 2008, Palm Center was 2.3% of total county Early Vote.  Through yesterday they were 1.7%.

In 2008, Ripley was 1% of total county Early Vote.  Through yesterday they were .8%.

In 2008, Moody Park was 1.6% of total county Early Vote.  Through yesterday they were 1.2%.

In 2008, HCC was 1.5% of total county Early Vote.  Through yesterday they were 1%.

In 2008, 126-C in Champions Forest was 4.6% of total county Early Vote.  Through yesterday they were 5.2%.

In 2008, Ponderosa (Riddle’s district) was 3.1% of total county Early Vote.  Through yesterday they were 2.8%.

Of course, we’re still learning about voting early in person.  At first glance however, it looks like the GOP areas are bit more enthused here in Harris County – at least through the seventh day of Early Voting in Person.

The local Dem Party better have a kick-arse GOTV program for African American and Latino voters this week.  We will see!

Everyone knows that the Yankees have won the World Serious 27 times.  Who is at number two?

The Chron had a piece on Guv Dude yesterday and the article points out that the state is still in the ditch in a lot of categories. Check out the piece.   So how come Dude is leading in all the polls? 

Speaking of, the Texas tribune released a poll this morning showing Dude with a 10 point lead – yikes!  Check it out.

The Austin American Statesman has a story about the H-Town area being a battleground in the race for governor.  Here is from the piece:

"They’re locked in this very heated battle for the Houston metro area," said Rice University political scientist Mark Jones. "For Bill White, that’s bad news. If the people who know him best, who are Houstonians, aren’t going to give him overwhelming support, that suggests he’s going to have a hard time" elsewhere.

Polls in September by the state’s largest newspapers and by the University of Texas/Texas Tribune showed Perry and White essentially tied in the Houston region.  Here is the article.

It doesn’t help that Dude is running that ad here with the police officer widow cracking on the Former H-Town Mayor.

San Luis of course comes in at Number 2 with 10 World Serious Championships.

Well, it looks like Roy O. and The Big Puma won’t be at the World Serious this year and Baggy won’t be our hitting coach next season and that’s all I have from The Yard.


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