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The Chron has a story today about City of H-Town higher ups and their emails during the Heights Wal-Mart brouhaha.  Memo to public employees – your emails are mine.   Anyone can put forward one of those public information requests and snatch your stuff off of your computers so watch what you say.

Meanwhile, the story kind of points out that folks in my ‘hood didn’t raise a stink when the Target was first proposed across from the Heights a few years ago.  That was a different deal.  Target ain’t Wal-Mart if you know what I mean.  When they stuck the Target down the street, there wasn’t a whole lot going on in that part of town. 

All the anti paperless folks must be having fits this morning when they read that Latinos are outliving everybody else.  We’ll just wait you out if you know what I mean.

When was the last time the San Francisco Giants won a World Serious?

Chron.com also has takes from folks that saw the “Waiting for Superman” flick.  It looks like it gets positive review from the school choice folks.

The Former H-Town keeps hammering away at Guv Dude on ethics and his enterprise fund.  Non partisan political observers say the hammering isn’t having an effect.  They say the same thing about the Back to Basics ads that go after Dude.  Apparently, the enterprise fund has been a handy tool for Dude.  Drop some dough on a buddy’s new business, and get campaign donations in return.  Sounds like business as usual.

In 1954 of course, the Giants swept Cleveland in four games, of course, the Giants were from New York back then.

The renovations at The Yard will include a new hip section for the hip crowd.  I wonder if they are going to give the section hip name. 



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