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The Chron has a front page story about this year’s lengthy ballot in Harris County.  They say it is the longest ballot in history.  Check out the story.
I just hope the story doesn’t scare people away from going to vote since it’ll probably take your lunch hour to vote in every contest.

The campaigns of the Former H-Town Mayor and Guv Dude traded accusations yesterday on ethics.  Dude’s campaign must be feeling pretty good these days.  I guess they feel they can afford to diss Cowboy Nation.  Here’s what they said yesterday: "Bill White talking about ethics has about as much credibility as the Cowboys talking about the Super Bowl at this stage of the season.”  Ouch!

Last night, Braves skipper Bobby Cox managed his final game.  Now he’s former Braves skipper Bobby Cox.  He ends his career with 2,504 wins as a skipper.  Where does he rank in all time wins and who is ahead of him on the win list?

From our press release yesterday:

Houston civic leader Wendy Montoya Rodriguez today announced her support for Judith Cruz, candidate for HISD Trustee, District VIII.   The following statement was released today by Ms. Rodriguez:

“As a mother with a future HISD public school system student, when I imagine the future education of my son Jake, and the education of all HISD students at this moment, I want a trustee with a passion for education and with actual experience in the HISD school system to hit the ground running.  Judith is a professional educator and mother whose creativity, patience, hours of planning, and relentless effort as a teacher will translate well as a trustee.  She is a candidate with a vested interest in the success of the HISD system and a candidate that is not using this as a stepping-stone in a political career.  Judith Cruz is the most qualified candidate and her head and her heart are in this race.”

“I am honored, humbled, and proud to have the support of Wendy Montoya Rodriguez.  Wendy is one of our community’s most respected and admired leaders.  She is also a role model to many of our students that want to pursue their dreams.   Wendy understands the need to move forward on educational reform that benefits all of our children,” said Judith Cruz.

Bobby Cox ranks fourth in managerial career wins behind Connie Mack (3,731), John McGraw (2,763), and Tony LaRussa (2,638) of course.

According to the Houston Press, HISD has already made their picks in the race for governor.  Here’s what the Press says:

Houston ISD’s assessment of the upcoming state legislative session on Monday began with the declaration that Bill White doesn’t have a chance and that Rick Perry will continue as governor.

Rebecca Flores, the director of Government Relations for HISD, and board attorney David Thompson delivered their expectations during an afternoon agenda review prior to Thursday’s board meeting.

"Gov. Perry has a sizeable lead. We expect no change," Flores told trustees. She also said there was a low probability of change in the Senate or speaker’s race, but that Democrats may lose a few seats in the House, perhaps three to five.

Yikes!  I don’t know about placing bets this early with six days to go before Early Voting in Person!

I hope HISD doesn’t start picking in next year’s NL Central Division race since we don’t even know who’s on first for the ‘Stros.


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