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Commentary told someone the other day it is not a good idea to bet against the Former H-Town Mayor because you never know.  You have to wonder about today’s hard copy of the Chron in the top headline story that quotes a Rice professor as saying “at this point, I don’t see anything White can do.” 

R.G. wrote the piece and he says “surveys show Gov. Rick Perry on the cusp of a re-election…”  R.G. is referring to the recent polls that have been released that still show Guv Dude ahead. 

A UT political scientist in the piece says “the trend is in the wrong direction for White.”

The sub headline in the continued story screams “the opportunity clock is ticking…”

The fella that runs the Lone Star State Dem Party says “Bill White has to make the sale, and he doesn’t have much time to do it.”

I don’t think they ought to be writing a premature obit if you ask me.   An article like this has the potential to dampen Dem turnout in a year when Dems are already less enthused about voting than GOP voters.  It becomes problematic if other newspapers or websites or bloggers start writing similar articles as Early Voting in Person approaches. Dem voters might think – “what the heck, why go vote, the ballgame is over?”   Check out R.G.’s article here.

Commentary dropped by the Teach for America banquet last night and heard Michelle Rhee, the Chancellor of the D.C. Public Schools speak.  She is very articulate and made a good speech.  She was introduced by local philanthropist Laura Arnold who is also an excellent and articulate speaker.

HPOU endorsed Guv Dude yesterday.  What’s up with that other than they went with the “friendly incumbent” rule? 

The Big Puma hit a dinger for the Yankees yesterday.  When was the last time The Big Puma had a post season dinger?

A few months ago HISD said they were over budget on the bond program by $30 plus mil.  Yesterday they announced that they had made a booboo and were $30 mil under budget.  HISD Trustee Anna Eastman said this in response – "I think we’ve got some work to do to rebuild the trust of the public." 

Way to go Anna!

Now Dude is saying he is going to get rid of and go after sanctuary cities.  He’s starting to sound like the Hunchback of Notre Dame fella Quasimodo – “to the sanctuary!”

On October 17, 2005 in Game 4 of the NLCS of course The Big Puma had a dinger.  That was also the game Pujols had his three run dinger off of Lidge that is still in orbit..

Pam-In-Charge announced yesterday that The Yard will get a major spruced up look just in time for next season.  The look includes getting a new video board.  We’re going hip and we’re going HD.  Here is from her press release:

The new primary video board will be located in right field and will measure 54 feet high and 124 feet wide, making it the second-largest board of its kind in the Major Leagues. The Astros current video board is 26 feet high and 45 feet wide. A smaller video board will be installed in left field, and a ribbon board stretching from foul pole to foul pole (over 1,000 feet long) will also be added.

"We’re extremely excited about the changes," (Pam) Gardner (Astros’ President for Business Operations) commented. "It is time. Our current video board has served us well, but it is time for us to make these upgrades, which will increase the entertainment value for our fans. We’re adding a second board in left field so that the fans in right field can enjoy a video board, which has not been the case in the past.

"Everything will be HD, which is the way the world is going. You have to stay fresh. We view Minute Maid Park as our home. It’s our home that we welcome our fans into."

Gardner also announced today that the Astros will be adding a new, premium club seating area on the lower press box/main concourse level behind home plate for the 2011 season. This seating area will include an upscale bar and dining experience option for fans.

"We envision the new seating area to be kind of a fun, hip, space for our fans that will be located in a prime viewing location in the ballpark," Gardner said.

The lower press box, which had been for the writing press, will be moved up to the broadcast level press box. All media will now be on the same level, which is the case in several Major League ballparks.

I’m ready for that new look!


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