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Commentary mentioned before that he’s helping Prop 1 get passed.  The Chron has a piece today on the issue and I don’t think it can be explained any better than how the H-Town Mayor has laid it out:

It is absolutely imperative that we invest in our long-term infrastructure in the city of Houston. If we don’t tackle drainage, if we don’t put money into streets, the city is going to begin to crumble around us. We cannot continue to grow and it begins to cut off our economic lifeline…”

Take that!

I wonder what they are thinking.  Don Sumners, the GOP candidate for Harris County Tax Assessor Collector, is being outspent by the Dem candidate, Diane Trautman, by the tune of 13 to 1. You have to wonder what is up with the local GOP leaders.  Are they conceding this race?  The GOP doesn’t think that Sumners is worthy?  Stay tuned!

Of course, baseball fans are talking about Roy Halladay’s no-no for the Phillies last night over the Reds.  They are mentioning the only other no-no in playoff history, Don Larsen’s perfect game in Game 5 of the 1956 World Serious.  Yesterday, Halladay struck out 8 and threw 104 pitches.  How many did Larsen strike out in 1956 and how many pitches did he throw?

Another poll was release yesterday and it was a bit different from the KHOU/BELO poll.  The Texas Lyceum poll has Guv Dude leading the Former H-Town Mayor – 48% to 43%. 

Don Larsen struck out 7 and threw 97 pitches of course in Game 5 of the 1956 World Serious.

The Yankees won last night but The Big Puma didn’t see any action and stayed on the bench.

Of course, like I said a couple of days ago, it looks like the ‘Stros will face Halladay in the season opener on April 1 in Philly – drats!


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