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A national Pew Hispanic Center poll released yesterday shows Latinos still hanging with the Democratic Party candidates.  That’s the good news.   The bad news though is they are not as enthused as they were in 2008.   Here is what it tells me.  They are paying attention to the news and current events.  They know that the GOP is banging on them on the immigration issue including opposing The DREAM Act.  They read the papers, watch the news, go online, and talk to their co-workers, neighbors, and family members.  Of course, a lot of their info gathering is through the Spanish language media – newspapers and Univision for instance.  So it leads me to wonder how massive of a Spanish language media outreach effort are the Dems-In-Charge conducting.  I’ll probably know in around 12 days.  Stay tuned!

Commentary saw an anti red light camera big sign at a prominent location on North Main Street the other day.

It is not unusual to see HISD Trustee candidate Judith Cruz go campaigning with her youngest (fixing to turn one year) in one of those harness gizmos strapped to her back.  It is kind of cute if you ask me.

Yesterday I said that Hunter Pence ended the season with 91 RBIS.  Who holds the ‘Stros record for most RBIs in a season?

Recent national polls are suggesting that there seems to be a slight surge in enthusiasm among Dem voters.   I’m thinking that maybe losing the U.S. House isn’t a done deal yet.

The GOP nominee for governor of California botched it with Latino voters on this paperless housekeeper issue.  She banged around paperless folks but forgot to tell folks she had one working for her.  That’s a no-no and now she is paying the price.  A few stories say that Latinos are not happy with her and the Latino vote will be the difference in her demise.

I wish we could say that the Latino vote would be the difference here in the Lone Star State.

MariGirl went to a special screening last night of “Waiting for Superman” and she said it was great.

The Big Puma of course had 136 RBIs in 2006.

The MLB playoffs start today so I guess I’ll keep an eye on them.  It’s Rangers-Rays, followed by Red-Phillies, followed by Yankees-Twins in prime time.

The Chron’s Sports Columnist has a piece today about the ‘Stros in 2011.  He mentions trading away Numero 45.  I don’t know about that.   I still think he has some punch in his bat.  Stay tuned!


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