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The Chron endorsed Prop 1 yesterday.  Check it out.

Early Voting in Person starts in a couple of weeks and I don’t know if I’ve received any mailers here.  What’s up with that?

According to Dallas Morning News, Guv Dude is taking full advantage of his Enterprise Fund.  He doles out money to companies and the principals of the firms pay him back with campaign donations.  Either they ought to restrict the principals of the companies from donating to Dude or others, or they ought to do away with the fund.

Today is the deadline for turning in campaign financial reports. It will be interesting to see who has what.  Stay tuned!

How many former ‘Stros from the 2005 World Serious team will be playing in the post season and can you name them, please.

My pal Drayton had Ag Commish Todd Staples as his guest yesterday.  The Ag Commish got his mug on TV for most of the game.  With all due respect to his Dem opponent, the Ag Commish was doing his job yesterday.  Before the game I saw him inspecting the ConocoPhillips pump at The Yard.

Six of course as Andy Pettitte and The Big Puma are with the Yankees, Dan Wheeler and Chad Qualls are with the Rays, and Brad Lidge and Roy O. are with the Phillies. 

Yesterday was a great day to be at The Yard.  It was perfect weather.  Commentary and Dante sat in Pam-In-Charge’s seat and Dante had two balls tossed at him by Jeff Keppinger and Chris Johnson.

The Chron said we would go 17-13 in September/October.  We went 15-15.  The Chron said we would end the season at 77-85.   We ended up at 76-86.    The Chron also said Commentary would snag six foul balls this season, but I only got three.  It wasn’t a good year.

It was a disappointing and interesting season.  We had a horrible first two months and the fizzled out in the last two weeks.  In late July, we said adios to Roy O. and The Big Puma.  We said adios to Matsui.  It looks like it will be adios to Geoff Blum.

Numero 45 had a lousy year.  We brought up Jason Castro and Chris Johnson.  Johnson did A-Okay with a .308 average.  Castro has to work on his hitting.  We traded for Brett Wallace and he got some time at first base but only hit .222.  I guess that’s why the team is thinking of putting Numero 45 at first next year.

The pitching was a pleasant surprise with Brett Myers ending up as the team ace.  Wandy Rodriguez ended the season pretty strong.  J.A. Happ also looked good.   Nelson Figueroa made a solid case for a place in the rotation and Bud Norris is still a work in progress.  The relief corps handled business with Brandon Lyon and Matt Lindstrom doing a very good job closing.

Hunter Pence had a very good year.  So did Jeff Keppinger.  Michael Bourn’s base running and fielding were outstanding.  He needs better consistency at the plate though.  If we are going to compete next year, we need to improve our offense.  If Numero 45 hits next season like he did this season, it is going to be another long year.

Wait until next year as the Red Sox come in for two exhibition games on March 30 and 31.  We open on April 1 in Philly and then open in our Yard against the Fish on April 8. 


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