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With Early Voting in Person just 16 days away, has anybody seen the red light camera campaigns?  I haven’t seen any signs. I haven’t seen any ads on TV.  I haven’t heard any ads on the radio.  I haven’t received any mail.  I haven’t seen any emails for or against.  I haven’t seen any press conferences.  I haven’t heard of any groups endorsing either way.  I haven’t seen any stories on TV or in the Chron.  I haven’t seen any Op-Eds.  I saw one push card but I couldn’t figure out if it was for or against.  The push card was “too busy” as they say in the business. Maybe they will drop in soon.

The Harris County DA will weigh in on the tragedy up in Cy-Fair ISD.  I’m glad to see that. 

The Houston Texans are cutting down on some of that pregame debauchery over at Reliant.  They are going to limit the number of folks without game tickets that can tailgate.  Plus, they are going to charge a nominal fee for those that don’t have a ticket that want to partake in the activities.  I guess they think things got out of hand last Sunday.

The GOP gubernatorial candidate in California continues to deny she hired a paperless woman to serve as her housekeeper.  I wonder if she got the housekeeper through ebay.

In 1967, this MLB Hall of Famer won the AL Rookie of the Year.  He played from 1967-1985 and made the All Star Team every season except his last.  Who am I talking about?

In the poll that came out last weekend sponsored by the big newspapers here in the Lone Star State, the poll said that women were siding with Guv Dude which got some folks scratching their heads.  According to an AP analysis released yesterday, their polling shows that Dems across the country will be losing some women votes this election cycle.  Stay tuned!

Rod Carew of course made the All Star Team 18 times (1967-1984) but not in his last season in 1985.  BTW, Carew is celebrating his 65th BD today.

Bummer!  Brett Myers was only able to go 5 and 2/3 of an inning last night and was one out short of going the entire season of six innings or plus in every start.  What can I say?  Way to go Brett!

The last series of the season is this weekend as the Cubbies come in for three.  What am I going to do Monday?  Oh, my!


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