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The GOP candidate for governor of California admitted yesterday she had hired paperless folks in the past.  What else is new?

The Houston Firefighters Union threw their support behind Guv Dude.  Hey, it’s a free country.

The H-Town Mayor let it be known that she’s not happy with the way Dude is talking about H-Town’s finances and let folks know she’s voting for the Former Mayor.  What else is new?

Meanwhile, a report came out yesterday saying that our roads are deteriorating as more governmental entities search for funds to fix the roads.

Speaking of, Commentary signed on to help get Prop 1 passed.

The Former Mayor has a new ad that focuses on Dude dropping the ball on border security.   I don’t know about border security being a base vote booster.  They didn’t ask me.

Tony Curtis is no longer with us.  He had the acting distinction of killing his co-star in one flick and getting killed by the same co-star in another flick.  Name the co-star and the flicks.

To help fight the low attendance at their games, the Rays gave away 20,000 tickets to fans yesterday.  What is the lowest paid attendance record for a ‘Stros games?

In “The Vikings”, Tony Curtis kills co-star Kirk Douglas.  In “Spartacus”, Douglas kills Curtis.

Zero of course because on May, 12, 1995, after the strike year, the ‘Stros let everyone attend the ‘Stros-Phillies game for free.

We had a shutout win last night and have our final roadie this evening and then come home for our final three with the Cubbies.  Brett Myers will be going tonight to see if he can go the entire season at 6 innings or better.  Stay tuned!


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