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The political buzz in the Lone Star State yesterday centered on the Blum & Weprin poll that has Guv Dude leading the Former H-Town Mayor 46% to 39%.  The good news for Dems is Dude doesn’t have 50% plus yet.  The bad news for Dems is Dude doesn’t need 50% plus to win.  The good news for the GOP is the Former Mayor has been stuck around the same number for a while now.  The bad news for the GOP is the Former Mayor still has time to inject some enthusiasm into his base like in the Latino and African American voting communities.  The good news for the GOP is the injection of enthusiasm hasn’t happened yet.

Here’s a few takes from the Star Telegram on the poll:

Perry leads among Anglos, Republicans, those over 30 and those with incomes over $30,000, the pollsters said. White leads among those under 30, Latinos and African-Americans, Democrats and independents, and those with the lowest incomes.
Republicans are more enthusiastic about voting this year, she said, while many core Democratic voters — including minorities and low-income voters — are less likely to vote in midterm elections.

"White really has his work cut out for him because he has to get out the less-likely voters," Mickey Blum (the pollster) said.

Here’s from the AP on the poll:

White has big margins of support among Democrats, blacks and Hispanics. He is doing better than Perry among independents, who are breaking 3-to-2 in White’s favor.

It also looks like all those Back to Basics shots at Dude aren’t working if you ask me. 

On a related matter, here’s from an AP story today on the national elections: 

“They want to get turnout as high as possible among those who vote for Democrats," said Joseph Bafumi, a government professor at Dartmouth College. "Running away from the president or the party might not be the way to do it."

You got that right, pal!

A few years ago, the City of H-Town decided to start using those new solar powered parking meter gizmos.  I thought I had learned how to use them but I was wrong.  In the old days when you had a meter for every parking space, sometimes they would have a bag over them which meant that you couldn’t park there because of construction or a public event was being held nearby or something like that.

Now you have one or maybe two parking meter gizmos per city block.  If you encounter a gizmo that is bagged, that means you can’t park on the entire block.  If you do park and the parking gizmo is bagged at the other end of the block, you risk getting a ticket and towed.   I don’t know about that.

Forty-six years ago today, former ‘Stros pitcher Bob Bruce pitched a 12 inning complete game for a 1-0 win.  Who did the ‘Stros beat and what was the significance of the game?

The thumping over at Reliant yesterday brought us back to reality.   It was ugly. 

The ‘Stros won’t be a .500 team this year.  I kind of thought going to D.C. and Pittsburgh gave us a chance but the team had a few breakdowns. 

The ‘Stros beat the Dodgers in the last game ever played at Colt Stadium of course on September 27, 1964.

We have the day off and then open our last roadie with three at Cincinnati. 


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