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Commentary is working for Judith Cruz, for HISD Trustee, District VIII.  It is a special election that will be held on November 2 with Early Voting beginning on Monday, October 18.

Judith is a teacher.  She and her husband Eric have three boys and are residents of Eastwood.  Check out her website: www.judithcruzforhisd.com.

Here’s what former HISD Trustee Natasha Kamrani has to say about Judith on her latest CORE blast: I have come to know Judith well and know she will work doggedly for the children of our city, putting their interests before the interests of the status quo.”

Stay tuned!

The American Statesman has a piece today about the vote in the Rio Grande Valley this year.  If you are a Dem, the article isn’t promising.   Check it out.  I sure would like to see a more positive article regarding the Latino voter turnout and this year’s election.  I don’t think a reporter will find that kind of story here in the H-Town area.  Hey, I didn’t write the Statesman piece, I’m just pointing out stuff.

Tomorrow night marks the 24th anniversary of former ‘Stros pitcher Mike Scott’s no-no in the Dome to clinch the NL West back in 1986.  Who did we beat and what was the final score?

Of course, it also doesn’t help that Guv Dude just got some more ammo to use against the Former H-Town Mayor.  The Chron has a piece today about serious dinero – like in the millions – the City of H-Town may have to give back to the feds because of mismanagement in housing during the previous administration – ouch.   Check out the piece. 

The Chron has a piece on the race for Harris County District Clerk and Dem Loren Jackson comes out looking good if you ask me.  Check it out.

The ‘Stros beat the Giants by a 2-0 score of course on September 25, 1986 at the Astrodome.

I actually thought we would do a lot better than 1-3 in D.C.  I hope we haven’t run out of gas because we are going to have to floor it to go 8-1 the rest of the way as we head to PNC for three this weekend. 



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