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Yesterday wasn’t a good day for supporters of The DREAM ACT.  The GOP and a couple of Dem Senators from Arkansas put the hurt on us.

Here is some free advice from Commentary.  The Lone Star State Dems should start airing Spanish language TV and radio ads throughout the state going after the GOP on this issue. 

Speaking of, I wonder how Hutch can get up in the morning these days and look in the mirror.  I wonder what she thinks she sees. 

I wonder if Hutch’s staff is going to show her today’s AP story about the tremendous growth of the state’s Latino business community.  Here are bits from the AP story:

Texas is ranked third nationally, behind California and Florida, when it comes to number of Hispanic-owned businesses, according to new figures. The number of Hispanic-owned businesses in Texas grew by 40 percent between 2002 and 2007, reaching 447,000.

Texas was also No. 3 in percentage of businesses that are Hispanic-owned, with 21 percent.

David Hinson, national director of the Commerce Department’s Minority Business Development Agency, said he was "highly encouraged" by the growth data but said the Hispanic business community’s full potential still has not been realized.

"These trends … are completely self-evident, I think, to anyone who has spent time driving around Texas and going to different areas. You see tremendous growth in Hispanic-owned businesses," said Sanchez. "In these times when people are so concerned about jobs, businesses create jobs, so growth of any businesses is good overall."

Hispanic-owned businesses in Texas took in $62 billion in revenue in 2007 and employed almost 400,000 people, according to the Census Bureau.

How do you sleep Hutch?  I think you are still having nightmares after the way you were treated by your own GOP. 

Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay picked up his 20th win last night becoming the first Phillies 20-game winner since Steve Carlton won 23 in 1982 – wow!   How many ‘Stros pitchers have won 20 or more games since 1982?

In case you haven’t noticed, Numero 45 has been getting a lot of playing time at first base the past few weeks.  Commentary thinks the team is contemplating having Numero 45 permanently move from left field to first base next season – interesting.

Mike Scott (20) in 1989, Mike Hampton (22) in 1999, Jose Lima (21) in 1999, Roy Oswalt (20) in 2004 and Roy Oswalt (20) in 2005 of course.

We should have won last night but Paulino gave up the game tying dinger to Pudge and the roof caved in after that.  We wasted a good outing by J.A. Happ.  8-3 is looking tough. 


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