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The Southwest Voter Registration Education Project had a dinner here in H-Town last night to promote this year’s election theme – “I’m a Pro Immigrant Voter.”  Harris County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia was the keynote speaker and she gave a very good speech on what is at stake for Latinos in this election.   It is a speech that ought to be made to every Latino voter and organization in town.  Way to go Commissioner!

I was watching Channel 11 news last night and there was a story about a bar up in Huntsville, Texas that has specials on Wednesday nights involving cerveza and stuff.  They call it “WB Wednesdays”.  The “WB” stands for that derogatory word to describe paperless folks.  I don’t know about that.

The Former H-Town Mayor has some TV ads running in the H-Town media market.  That’s good for local Dems if you ask me.

The following phrase refers to which MLB team?  “…first in war, first in peace, and last in the American League".

I was checking out “The Today Show” this morning and I heard this from GOP consultant Nicolle Wallace:  “What’s so extraordinary about the Tea Party is they are the only movement that is active in this cycle that’s not playing to win. When you play to win, you play with fear, you do things timidly. What’s so fascinating about the Tea Party is they are willing to lose. That makes them quite powerful.”

That makes them quite scary!

It turns out Guv Dude’s security detail to China cost us $129,000.  How many troopers did he take?  Last I heard, we’re not a war with China!

The Washington Senators of course who are now the Twins were first in war, first in peace, and last in the American League".

Maybe I’ll ask one of my GOP pals to do me a favor and have them ask the GOP witchcraft practicing candidate for U.S. Senator in Delaware if she will turn Jim Sharp into a frog at least until November 3.

73-77 with 12 to go is pretty good considering we dug ourselves a deep hole back in April/May. 8-4 sure looks pretty good to me!


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