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In today’s SA Express News and Chron, there is a piece about the move to bring up The DREAM ACT and how the move is designed to rally Latino voters.  
Check it out.  Of course, the move could backfire if The DREAM ACT goes nowhere.  Latinos could get more upset and more of them could stay home.  Stay tuned!

There is a little blurb today in the Chron about the Former H-Town Mayor giving Tom Craddick $2,500 back in 2002.  I wonder if folks will call him a Craddick Dem.

The Former Mayor finally has some ads running in the H-Town area.

In a shocking development, the Chron endorsed the Former Mayor yesterday.  

Only Jim Sharp can take a dump in his own living room, step in it, sit in it, roll around in it, and sleep in it.   In an interview with the Austin American Statesman, he likened the Dem Party nominee for Lite Guv to a “labor boss.”  The Working Man Hero laid in to him – deservedly.  Who asked for Jim’s opinion anyway?

The Stros are in D.C. today for four against the Nationals who used to be the Expos.  Name the two former MLBers that are in the Hall of Fame as Expos?

Commentary and Dante sat in Pam-In-Charge’s seats yesterday and I was checking out Hunter Pence.  It turns out he doesn’t use the Louisville Slugger.  He uses something called the “Dinger” bat.  I didn’t know that.  Now I do!

Speaking of, Dante had Q, Bourn, and Myers toss him balls – cool.  He kept two of them.

Super Bowl fever crept up a degree or two yesterday and the Texans are looking to hand the ‘Pokes a 0-3 start.

It turns out former Secretary of State Colin Powell uses paperless folks to do stuff around his pad.  How do I know?  He said so yesterday on “Meet the Press.”

Gary Carter and Andre Dawson of course made their bones as Expos then moved on to other teams but are in the Hall of Fame as Expos – got it.

We slowed the Reds down a bit by taking two out of three this past weekend.  Now we are on a 10 game roadie that takes us to D.C., Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati.  Can we go 9-4?  Let’s see if we can.


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