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It looks like everybody except Guv Dude thinks there is a $21 bil shortfall in the state budget.    Dude is calculating that he can skate by without addressing the issue.  That’s why he won’t debate.  That’s why he won’t go before the E-Boards.  He’s even outrunning the coyotes on this deal. 

Meanwhile, the Chair of the Lone Star State Senate Education Committee finally admitted what everyone else in public education knows.  Funding for public education is the mother of all public policy issues in the Lone Star State.  She wants to scrap the current system and start all over.  Even Dan Patrick says we need to raise some taxes for our schools.  It’s about time.

The conspiracy theorists were dealt a blow yesterday when the Houston Fire Department didn’t give them what they hoped for on that blaze that engulfed Harris County’s eSlate gizmos.  The theorists were salivating and hoping to put the blame on someone.  Instead the Fire Department experts said they were looking at faulty wiring – bummer!

The ‘Stros host the Reds for three this weekend.  It looks like the Reds are headed to the playoffs.  When was the last time the Reds played in the post season?

From an AP story yesterday:  The Cincinnati Reds’ game against Arizona on Wednesday was briefly delayed in the top of the third inning when a young man and woman draped a sign over the center field fence protesting Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law.

The white banner, which almost reached all the way down to the warning track, contained in black letters the message “Not in Arizona, Not in Ohio” with the words SB 1070 circled and a diagonal line through them—the international symbol for prohibition.

In 1995 of course, the Reds won the NL Central and beat the Dodgers in the NLDS but lost out to The ATL in the NLCS.

Maybe we can at least slow down the Reds this weekend – be there to see some good baseball this weekend!


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