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What do I know?  I thought there would be at least one debate between Guv Dude and the Former H-Town Mayor.  Both sides are not budging on their conditions for debating.  Check out today’s Chron.

If the Former Mayor releases all his paperwork today, he could really take Dude by surprise.   If Dude says today “aw shucks”, let’s give the voters a debate, he could score points.    Stay tuned!

Today the Chron E-Board came out in support of the local Wal-Mart project.
Check it out.  I think some folks that have those blue signs in my ‘hood will be cancelling their Chron subscriptions today.  The H-Town City Council will take up the issue today.

You betcha!  One thing is for certain this Election Season.  The Tea Party voters are the most enthused voter and that isn’t going to change between now and Election Day!  They proved it once again last night in Delaware. 

I’m hoping we have us a vote on the DREAM ACT real soon, like maybe in a couple of weeks.  Maybe that will fire up Latino voter interest in this election.  Also stay tuned!

Major League Baseball released their 2011 schedule and it has a new twist.  Over the last few years, the first opening game is on a Sunday night with the rest of the teams playing their opening game on Monday.  Next year the opening game will be played on a Thursday, with the rest of the opening games on a Friday.  Instead of the season ending on a Sunday, the season will end on a Wednesday.  I don’t know about that.

Ty Cobb has the most career runs in MLB with 2,245.  What other major batting career category has Cobb at the top?  Bonus:  Who played Ty Cobb in the 1994 cinema biopic titled “Cobb”?

Next season’s hot tickets at The Yard have the Red Sox visiting the first weekend in July.

Ty Cobb is the leader in career batting average of course at .367.   Tommy Lee Jones of course played Ty Cobb in the 1994 flick.  FYI:  Tommy Lee Jones is celebrating his 64th BD today.

70-75, well what do you know? 


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