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I’m hoping the Lone Star State’s Dem Leadership caught this from Chron.com today.

History was made last week — and you probably don’t know about it.

For the first time in broadcast history, a Spanish-language station has become the most-watched television network in the United States among the demographic group most coveted by American advertisers.

Last week, Univision was the most popular network for TV viewers between the ages of 18 and 49 years old last week — topping the traditional American broadcast networks and all cable competition.

While this story has more to do with entertainment than politics, the rise of Univision has major implications for American politics. Candidates who hope to reach out to this huge swath of viewers must communicate in Spanish, and cater to a young audience.

Commentary isn’t the only one singing this tune and that’s for sure.   The proof is in the numbers.

As expected Guv Dude banged around on the H-Town METRO stuff and blamed the Former H-Town Mayor.  Meanwhile, the Back to Basics PAC is banging on Dude and blaming him for rising insurance rates.  Dude still hasn’t unleashed his ad barrage.  Stay tuned!

At age 40 a few years ago this MLBer became the oldest ever to pitch a perfect game.  Who am I talking about?

Meanwhile, it is a new day at H-Town METRO.  They came out and said that the new light rail lines won’t be ready until late 2014 at best.  At least they are being honest about stuff and not playing shell games or having us try to read between the lines.  

Last night, Commentary’s row at The Yard got a free meal coupon for Taco Bell.  I guess I’ll finally give Taco Bell a try!

Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson of course at age 40 pitched a perfect game against The ATL back in 2004.  Oh, by the way, The Big Unit is celebrating his 47th BD today.  Back in 1998, he was a ‘Stro for a couple of months and went 10-1 with a 1.28 ERA and 116 Ks in 84 1/3 innings – not bad.

Speaking of not bad, 67-73 isn’t bad at all if you ask me.  Chris Johnson made up for his first inning throwing error by hitting a sixth inning three run dinger and that’s all we needed. It is Dollar Dogs tonight, with 10,000 Larry Dierker Bobbleheads, and the chance to be in the World’s Largest Harmonica Band as the ‘Stros host the Dodgers again!


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