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The feds came into town yesterday to hand the City and METRO a setback on how we handled purchasing the cars for our light rail system.  The feds say we fudged a bit on our applications and have to start all over – drats! 
Check out the Chron story.

The H-Town Mayor correctly puts the blame on the previous METRO leadership.  The past METRO Chair who just can’t manage to keep his pie hole shut or stay out of sight says the H-Town Mayor and her new METRO team should also share in the blame.  You gotta be kidding!

Will somebody please tell the past METRO Chair to shut up or move on down the road!

Commentary doesn’t think that pi__ ant preacher from Florida that wants to burn the Quran is going to go through with his plan this Saturday.  I think he realizes that his 15 minutes might be up if you know what I mean.  After all, why pi__ off the world’s second largest religion?

The ‘Stros open a four game series at The Yard tonight against the Dodgers.  In 1981, a mid season players strike cost the teams about 50 games each.  The playoffs included a Western Division Series where the ‘Stros and the Dodgers squared off for a best of five that the Dodgers won 3 games to 2.  Nolan Ryan was one of our pitchers then.  He is now in the Hall of Fame.  Are any of the 1981 Dodgers in the Hall of Fame today??

Here’s a good one.  Tomorrow at The Yard is Harmonica Night.   Here’s what Alyson’s Footnotes says about tomorrow night:  The Astros will attempt to set a new Guinness Book record by having close to 10,000 fans play the harmonica after the game that night. The event will take place before the fireworks. (Yes, I’m serious.)

Maybe they will let us play a Zimmerman tune!

Commentary forgot to mention that we do have three games left with the Cubbies to close the season.

Nope of course, however, 1981 Dodgers’ Dusty Baker and Mike Scioscia may someday make the Hall of Fame as skippers.

We’re 66-73 as the ‘Stros put it on the Cubbies again last night thanks to Brett Myers again.  We get the Dodgers, Brewers and Reds over the next 10 games and all the games mean something if you know what I mean!   .500?


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