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Eight weeks from tonight it will be all over.  Forty days from today folks can start voting early in person.  I ran in to this nauseating piece in today’s SA Express News.  It’s about GOP members of Congress from the Lone Star State that are in line for key Chair positions if the GOP wins the U.S. House.  Check it out.  Ouch!

Commentary provided a couple of takes on the Channel 2 evening news yesterday about the upcoming election.   Commentary expressed some concern that the Dem base needed to be fired up if we wanted to be competitive in these parts. 

An NBC/WSJ poll released today says Dems don’t look too good right now.  Here’s what the Dem pollster says:   “We all know that there is a hurricane coming for the Democrats.  We just don’t know if it will be a Category 4 or a Category 5.”   Ouch, ouch!

Here’s from an NBC story today on the poll: “the interest level in the midterms is down among Democrats, African-Americans and younger Americans.”

You can probably add Latinos to this group.

Is there a solution?   Is it over?   Of course it is not over.  However, Dems need to rethink their Latino vote strategy and start embracing meaningful immigration reform and scorch the GOP on this issue for starters.

In case you didn’t notice, Jim Thome of the Twins hit career dinger 585 yesterday.  How many past and present MLBers have more career dingers?

Commentary’s parents got married 64 years ago today. Way to go Mom and Dad!

Meanwhile, the Former H-Town Mayor wants to cut the state’s tourism budget.  I wonder what the state’s tourism industry thinks about that.

Thome is ninth of course all time in the career dinger department behind Bonds, Aaron, Ruth, Mays, Griffey, Sosa, Rodriguez, and Robinson. 

Commentary dropped by Jake’s first BD party Saturday afternoon.  It was nice.

The ‘Stros have 12 left to play on the road and 13 at The Yard.  I hated to see us squander a 4 run lead yesterday but I got over it.  Let’s just keep playing and see how these young players handle the pros.


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