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I guess that Labor Day signals the election season is on even though folks have been running for months now.

The Chron’s E-Board in yesterday’s editorial came out in support of the red light cameras.  Check it out.

The Chron’s R.G. has a piece today about the angry voter and he says that GOP voters have the momentum in the Lone Star State.  Check it out.

I get that GOP voters are angry and that can tend to get them more enthused about voting.  We better figure out how to get Dem voters angry.

The good news if you can call it good news is a Lone Star State GOP meeting with some Latinos was basically called a waste of time by one of the Latino participants.  Check out the Chron story.   What does the Chair of the State GOP tell Latinos anyway in light of the fact that his Party and its Party’s platform have assaulted the state’s Latino community?

The ‘Stros visit Wrigley for three starting this afternoon.  The Cubbies have retired six jersey numbers but really only five – can you please explain?

In yesterday’s Chron, my pal Edgar who serves as the Chair of the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation which is in charge of Reliant Park says in an Op-Ed piece that they are trying to “repurpose” the Astrodome. 
Check it out.  Good luck!

In Alyson’s Footnotes, she writes about the D-Back’s Legends Race that they have at the end of the fifth inning at their yard.  It is kind of like those sausage fella races in Milwaukee.  The D-Back Legends include Luis Gonzalez, Mark Grace, Randy Johnson, and Matt Williams.  She says maybe we ought to have our ‘Stros Legends and have Bagwell, B-G-O, Cruz, and Dierker as the ones that race.    I agree we need to replace those hot sauce packages that currently race. 

The Cubbies have retired the number 10 of Ron Santos, the number 14 of Ernie Banks, the number 23 of Ryne Sandberg, the number 26 of Billy Williams, and the numbers 31 of Ferguson Jenkins and Greg Maddux.

I’m not going to say anything about being in third place and taking 2 out of 3 in Arizona this past weekend.  I’m not going to say anything about the Los D-Backs jerseys that were worn Saturday night.  All I can say is that they continue to play very good baseball!


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