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Campaigns and Elections Magazine came out with their Top 100 Political Influencers in the Lone Star State.  They had Gardner Selby of the Austin American Statesman’s PolitiFact Texas handle the chore of doing the selecting.  They picked 50 GOPers and 50 Dems.  Check out the piece.

Well what do you know?  Commentary made the list.  If the Texas Truth-O-Meter says it’s true, then it’s true!

Here’s what Hector de Leon, Director of Communications and Voter Outreach from the Office of the Harris County Clerk sent me yesterday regarding the voting gizmos:

Harris County will be utilizing the eSlates and Disabled Automated Units (DAU) on Election Day for all voters.  At least one DAU and one Judge Booth Control will be allocated to each of the 736 polling locations to comply with providing Americans with disabilities the opportunity to vote independently. And, the goal is to obtain more eSlates for Election Day allocation. But, in case voter lines develop because of the limited number of eSlates at the poll, paper ballots will be available. By law, there has to be a back-up voting system at every poll. In this instance, the back-up system will be paper ballots. Please note there were 728 polls for the 2008 presidential election. We are schedule to approximately 736 in this election.

The Chron’s E-Board also weighed in today on the voting gizmos and
here’s what they had to say.

Stay tuned!

This afternoon we meet San Luis for the last time this season.  Tony La Russa has been a skipper since 1979.  How many times have La Russa teams gone to the World Serious?

The Chron said the ‘Stros would go 13-16 in August.  We went 17-12.  The Chron said we would be 60-72 on September 1.  We’re 61-71.  What do they know?

Milo turns 83 tomorrow but the ‘Stros will be celebrating his BD a day early this afternoon at The Yard.

Five of course as La Russa’s A’s went to the World Serious in 1988, 1989, and 1990 and his Cards went in 2004 and 2006.

The ‘Stros may not be going anywhere this year but they certainly are playing like they want to go somewhere as we shutout San Luis again last night.  Our pitching has held them to five hits in the last two games.   San Luis fans in attendance last night looked pretty glum as they appear to be headed in to the Wild Card chase and maybe we can get a sweep this afternoon.


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