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Early Voting begins in 48 days and here in Harris County we don’t have a voting machine that functions.  The Harris County Commissioners Court will meet today in an emergency session to hear the County Clerk’s plan for making sure we have a smooth election.

The County Clerk has already said that we need to push to get folks to vote early because we will probably not have as many machines as we have had in the past.  Maybe the county needs to set aside some funds to do some sort of awareness campaign on this.

This could be a blessing in disguise of sorts in that we’ll be talking more about how the election will be conducted and more folks will end up going to vote.  On the other hand, going to vote might be portrayed as being a hassle and folks will stay home.  Stay tuned!

In today’s Chron Sports section, there is a blurb about Albert Pujols of San Luis and Joey Votto of the Reds chasing the Triple Crown which hasn’t been won since 1967.  The Triple Crown of course is a batter winning the batting average, dinger, and RBI titles in one year.  Who won it in 1967 and what were his numbers?

My Dad (Tony Campos) was one of the Trailblazers honored Saturday morning by the Harris County Democratic Party.  It looked like a packed house and it was a pretty cool event.  My Dad definitely enjoyed the morning.  He even enjoyed folks coming up to him and asking for an autograph.

The Angelika Theater in Downtown H-Town abruptly closed yesterday.  They are out of business.  That is pretty sad.  I liked going to catch some flicks there.  I wonder why they shut down.

Carl Yastrzemski of course of the Red Sox in 1967 was the last MLBer to win the Triple Crown.  He batted .326, had 44 dingers, and 121 RBIs.  The Red Sox went to the World Serious that year but lost to San Luis in seven games.

Commentary checked out the Emmys last night and I had never heard of most of the nominees or the shows.  What do I know?

I’m not going to say anything about Albert Pujols and Tony LaRussa showing up at the Beck-Palin rally in D.C. this past weekend.  They gave Pujols an award for community service.

The ‘Stros are home for three with San Luis starting tonight then they go back on the road.  They went 6-4 on their just completed road trip and J.A. Happ is on the mound tonight.


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