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Commentary woke up this morning and turned on the TV set only to find that the Harris County Clerk’s Office warehouse that stores all of the election voting gizmos was on fire.  It looks like a lot of the machines may have been destroyed.  Talk about bad timing.

I think leaders from both political parties – elected officials and party officers – ought to step forward and engage in a civil discussion on how best to assist the County Clerk to make sure we have enough equipment to conduct the upcoming election.  I hope the party activists refrain from trying to take advantage of this unfortunate situation.  The last thing we need is to play partisan politics on an issue as important as this. 

Let’s find the resources.  Heck, even if it means we have to go back to paper ballots or sticking our thumbs on a purple ink pad.  How about working together on this?

Talk about playing into Guv Dude’s hand, the state’s major newspapers (Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio) have called out Dude on debating the Former H-Town Mayor.  They’ve sent letters to the two candidates saying they are going to hold debates even if Dude doesn’t show up.  Two newspapers that I checked on this morning (Austin and Houston) even have editorials calling out Dude.  They also call out Dude for not going before the E-Boards.

I don’t know about this.   First of all, Dude’s going to make it look like this was some sort of orchestrated effort by the “media elite” to dictate how this election is going to be conducted.  All this does is fire up Dude’s base and they are already fired up.  All this also does is allow Dude to say that he’d rather meet with the voters rather than spend his time with members of the “media elite.” Guess what – he wins on that one with his base.

The way it was rolled out also gives Dude the opportunity to whine that this was coordinated between the newspapers and the Former Mayor’s campaign.    This is the type of diversion Dude is looking for.  It probably would have been better if the newspapers had individually sent letters inviting the candidates to their own debate and putting out an editorial on different days.  But hey, you know – THEY NEVER ASK ME! 

The ‘Stros visit Citi Field for three with the Mets this weekend.  In 1986, the Mets beat the ‘Stros in the NLCS 4 games to 2.  Two MLBers who played key roles during that series are now in the Hall of Fame.  Who are they?

Commentary’s Dad – Tony Campos – will get some sort of honor tomorrow morning at a local Dem party function for being a trailblazer – cool.

Nolan Ryan and Gary Carter of course are in the Hall of Fame and played in the 1986 NLCS.

Roy O. has a full page ad in today’s Chron Sports section thanking us and Drayton – yawn.

What am I supposed to say about the ‘Stros sweeping a four game series with the Phillies?  Are they playing good baseball or what?  Too bad we only have 35 games left.


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