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Commentary didn’t make it to last night’s meeting on the WalMart project.  What’s the point!  H-Town decided a long time ago that we didn’t need or want zoning so WalMarts happen – period.  It was only a matter of time.

I wonder what else is in store for Commentary’s ‘hood?

I dropped by the League of Women Voters reception last night honoring the H-Town Mayor and the women on the H-Town City Council.  The LWV did a nice job.  The event was held at the home of Mayor Bob and Elyse Lanier.  Mayor Bob was telling me that he’s going to drop by his 70th high school reunion this year.  He went to Baytown Lee and he said that around 60 or so of his fellow classmates will be attending – wow!

This former MLBer had over 2,000 hits, a .284 career batting average, over 1,000 RBIs, 94 triples, and 391 doubles.  He also went to two All Star Games and won two Silver Slugger Awards.   He also played for 13 seasons as a ‘Stro.  Who am I talking about?

The last thing Commentary expected was for the ‘Stros to roll into Philly and take the first three games.  Last night catcher Humberto Quintero picked-off another Phillie base runner.  This time Q’s victim was Ben Francisco who was kind of caught napping off of third base.  I’m thinking that the Phillies’ coaches will talk to the team today about base running.  Oh yeah, J.A. Happ prevailed over Roy Halladay in a 3-2 win.

Jose Cruuuuuuuuuzz of course will be inducted tonight into the Houston Hall of Fame tonight at the City of Houston’s Birthday Party.  H-Town CM James Rodriguez will introduce Cheo this evening.

At noon today CNN will be replaced by the ‘Stros versus Phillies as we go for a sweep!


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