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Guv Dude ain’t agreeing to debate right now and now the Back to Basics PAC is calling him a coward.

Guv Dude has decided he is not going to fill out certain dreaded questionnaires – take that!

Guv Dude has decided to skip E-Board interviews.

What is he thinking?

Well!  Rasmussen said yesterday that Dude is polling ahead of the Former H-Town Mayor by 8 points.

I guess Dude thinks that he can get away with what we think are expected during campaigns. 

The Chron’s Sports Columnist has his take on the Astrodome and here’s some of what he said:

No politician has the guts to say it ought to be torn down, and no one seems to have a reasonable plan to save it. Through the years, we’ve heard it was going to be a hotel or a mall or a museum.  So it sits there rotting away, and as the days pass, there’s less and less chance there’s anything worth saving.


If you’re going to fix it up, don’t think small. If you’re going to do nothing, then have the guts to tear it down.


Let’s work together and come up with a consensus and see if there’s a way to save it.  If it can’t be done, let’s be honest about that, too. If Yankee Stadium and Tiger Stadium can go, then the Astrodome can go, too.
Check out the entire column.  
It looks like he’s been checking in with Commentary.

This former MLBer is in the Hall of Fame.  He was selected in Round Two of the 1978 MLB amateur Player Draft out of Aberdeen High in Maryland.  He ended up with a .271 career batting average, 431 dingers, and 1,695 RBIs.  Who am I talking about?

You can now catch Tiger on match.com.

Peter Schwethelm is the first to file for the HISD Trustee Position for District VIII.  Here is what the Chron says he said:  "I have a passion for public education and for my hometown."

I guess the H-Town Mayor read the Chron’s neighborhood section about the new Walmart that is coming to Commentary’s hood.  She’s calling for a special meeting with the impacted community at the George R. Brown Convention Center tomorrow evening.  Judging from the number of anti-Walmart signs around the ‘hood, I don’t know if the George R. Brown is going to be big enough.  Maybe the Mayor ought to call Pam-In-Charge and see if The Yard is available.

Cal Ripken, Jr. of course of the Orioles who wore the number eight also played in a record 2,632 consecutive games.  Cal is celebrating his 50th birthday today!

‘Stros catcher Humberto Quintero made a beautiful pick-off of Jason Werth at second base last night that fooled the cameras and JD and Brownie.  Commentary wasn’t fooled as I caught it at the top corner of the TV screen.  On an intentional walk to Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz, Werth who was on second base stepped a few feet off of the bag and didn’t see Q whip it to second for the out. Werth looked kind of silly trying to get back.  It was a nice heads up play that was a key to last night’s 3-2 victory.  It was also a nice outing for Brett Myers.    It was definitely an entertaining game last night!


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