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CEDWDEM sent out a Chron piece over this past weekend about a “watchdog” fella accusing Lone Star State legislators from the H-Town area and San Antonio of double dipping or collecting state per diem and paying for housing expenses up in Austin out of their campaign funds to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars over the past few years. Check out the story.   Commentary makes it a point not to get into it with these “watchdog” folks.  The law says they can go around and check stuff out and make a complaint if they are so inclined.  There are also some “watchdogs” up in the Conroe area that look over online campaign and expenditure reports (C&Es) and file complaints.

You can go through a whole lot of C&Es and always find errors.  Some folks are sloppy.  Some folks are careless.  Some folks don’t know the rules or the law. Some folks just plain cheat.

Commentary doesn’t see the point in going to battle with the “watchdogs”.  All that will accomplish is Commentary’s clients getting the old once over by the “watchdogs” and having to deal with a complaint where we reported a $50 donation was from a DBA because that is what an employee told us when we called when in fact it was a small corporation.  I’ll just take a pass on taking on the C&E “watchdog” nation.

The ‘Stros visit Philly for four this week.  The only time the ‘Stros and Phillies ever met in the post season was in 1980 when the Phillies beat us three games to two.  Four MLBers that played in that five game series are now in the Hall of FameWho are they?

There is a piece in the Heights Neighborhood section of the Chron about the Walmart that is coming to our ‘hood.  Apparently some folks don’t like that the H-Town Mayor and her office are dealing directly with the developers.  Here is what one fella opposed to the deal has to say:

Nick Urbano, an organizer of Responsible Urban Development for Houston, a nonprofit group residents opposed to the project have formed, said he is disappointed in the Parker administration.

"This isn’t what the mayor ran on," Urbano said. "This isn’t what I voted for. This is important stuff to taxpayers. They’re negotiating with taxpayer monies. We have a right to know."

Ouch!  Check out the piece.

Mike Schmidt, Joe Morgan, Steve Carlton, and Nolan Ryan of course are in the Hall of Fame.  Pete Rose isn’t.

It looks like the H-Town City council is going to vote to put the anti red light camera issue on the ballot.  It is on this week’s council agenda.  Keep Houston Safe is the PAC in charge of fighting it.  I checked out their C&E and it looks like it is driven by a bunch of GOP consultants.  I don’t know about that.

It turns out we won’t get to see Lou Pinella’s last game as the skipper of the Cubs.  He checked out yesterday.

Since Roy O. pitched yesterday, we won’t have to face him this week.  It still would be nice Myers and Happ did A-Okay against their former team this week.


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