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Have you ever dreamed of being in a campaign TV ad?  Well, this Sunday in Austin you get your chance.  The Former H-Town Mayor’s campaign will be shooting a spot and the subject is Hurricane Rita and evacuees.  If you don’t feel like going door to door, or stuffing envelopes, or putting out yard signs, or making phone calls, but still want to help out the campaign, show up. Check out the Chron blurb on the ad.

From the piece:

Here’s what you wear: older, ragged clothing, preferably in colors of blue, gray, black or dull olive green. You can bring knapsacks, backpacks and "any old, battered luggage," as long as it’s not brand new or colorful.

I hope they don’t make folks sit in a car for eight hours or so.

I wonder if they have speaking parts.

I wonder if Guv Dude is going to shoot a commercial shooting a coyote. 

Commentary goofed yesterday.  The filing deadline to run for the position of HISD Trustee, District 8 is Monday, August 30.  Let’s see who decides to get in.

Nobody was talking about The Rocket last night at The Yard.  Heck, there is not even a mention of The Rocket on the ‘Stros website. 

When The Rocket was a ‘Stro from 2004-2006, he wore the Number 22.  Who wore the Number 22 in 1999 for 34 games and switched numbers the following year?

Dante is celebrating his birthday today!  Happy Birthday to Dante!

Commentary’s Dad will be celebrating a birthday tomorrow.  Happy Birthday tomorrow Dad!

The Big Puma of course wore the Number 22 in 1999 for 34 games then he switched to the Number 17 the next season.

We have us a pretty good team these days if you ask me.  Hunter Pence, Angel Sanchez, and Chris Johnson have hot bats.  Our pitching is doing a good job.  I think we can tweak it some during the off season and contend.   What can you say about Numero 45’s three run dinger last night?   As of last night, 30 million fans and counting have attended ‘Stros regular season games – cool.  I’ve done my part.  Way to go Pam-In-Charge and her crew as the team hits the road for ten.


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