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James on MSNBC and HISD District VIII Candidate List and Growing

Commentary was just informed that H-Town CM James Rodriguez will make an appearance on MSNBC this afternoon at 1:20 pm to talk about anti-gang zones.  Check it out!

Now there are nine folks interested in being the Trustee from HISD, District VIII.  Here are the names according to Chron.comJudith A. Cruz, Dionicio Vidal "D.V. Sonny" Flores, Dorothy M. Olmos, Adolfo Santos, Peter Schwethelm, Juliet K. Stipeche, Nelly E. Garza-White, Stephanie White, and Ann Ziker.

Now here’s the deal.  If the HISD Trustees call for an election and most of these folks plunk down the filing fee and get in the race, the election would be held this November in conjunction with the general election.  The gubernatorial race would drive voter turnout of course.   With this many HISD trustee candidates running, you are guaranteed a run-off election that would be held in early December right before Christmas.  That race would be the only one on the ballot so you would have single digit voter turnout. 

You should be able to catch all the candidates at an HISD forum this morning at 11 am at Furr High School.  Stay tuned!

Former ‘Stro and current Met Carlos Beltran was taken by the Royals in the Second Round of the 1995 MLB Amateur Player Draft.  Who was the first player drafted in 1995?

Commentary doesn’t have any reliable sources in the H-Town City Secretary’s office, so I don’t know how the signature verification process is going regarding the anti red light camera campaign initiative.

The H-Town City Council will take action on the Term Limits Review Commission’s recommendation tomorrow morning.   One of the Commission members is challenging the recommendation and is asking Council to reject.  It is going to be interesting to see who shows up to speak this afternoon at the public session.

Former ‘Stro Darin Erstad of course was drafted by the Angels as the first overall pick.  Current notables also taken in the first round included Roy Halladay, Kerry Wood, and Todd Helton.

‘Stros Ace Brett Myers is 30 today!

‘Stros closer Matt Lindstrom blew one last night – again.  It also didn’t help that we stranded 10 base runners.  You need to go check out Chris Johnson, our new third baseman.  He has one of the hottest bats in baseball right now and is batting .365.  Commentary sat in Pam-In-Charge’s seats last night that are right by the ‘Stros on-deck circle.  When CJ was getting his bat ready, I thought I saw a little smoke coming off of the barrel.   We still have three at home with the Mets.


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