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About 125 folks showed up at Saturday’s Houston Area Latino Summit on Immigration Reform.  It was a most informative morning.  The presentations by the panelists were insightful and right on the mark.  Special thanks are in order for Gordon J. Quan, Co-Chairman, FosterQuan, LLP, State Representative Ana Hernández,  District 143, Michael Espinoza, Texas Director, Mi Familia Vota, Sylvia Mintz, Partner, Plake & Mintz, PLLC, Oscar Chacon, Executive Director, National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities, Adriana Fernandez, Political Affairs Coordinator, Association For Residency and Citizenship of America, Cesar Espinosa, Director, Center for Community Integration, and Francisco Arguelles, Founding Member, Colectivo Flatlander.

Key community leaders were on hand including State Rep. Carol Alvarado, Port Commissioner Janiece Longoria, Richard Shaw, Secretary-Treasurer of the Harris County AFL-CIO, LULAC’s Mary Almendarez, Wendy Rodriguez, Sergio Davila, Houston City Council Member Steve Costello, and Maria Jimenez.

Those that attended certainly came away with a better understanding of where we are on immigration reform and why.  Again, the event was first rate!

Of course, H-Town CM James Rodriguez kept the forum on pace as the moderator.  Check out the Chron story on the Summit.

Those that are interested in being the next HISD Trustee for District VIII have been summoned for a forum of sorts at Furr High School tomorrow morning.  Some folks wonder why they are being made to go through a question and answer period at HISD. Hey, why not?  Candidates get screened all the time by a lot of folks and organizations.  I don’t have a problem with this.

Checkout the Chron mention of the forum.

Not all Latinos are on the same page when it comes to filling the District VIII vacancy.  The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has let the HISD Board know that an appointment ASAP would be A-Okay.  Commentary was quoted last week as preferring an election.  Stay tuned!

Former ‘Stro Carlos Beltran and the Mets visit The Yard for four games this week.   When he was with us in 2004, how many post season dingers did he have?

Commentary and Dante were hanging out at Lefty’s before the game yesterday when Dante was approached and asked to do the “Let’s Play Ball” shout-out right before the first pitch. We were escorted down to the field and Dante had his lid on backwards like a lot of folks wear.  Former ‘Stro Jimmy Wynn walked up to Dante and told him to wear his lid correctly if he was going out on the field.  Dante complied.  I guess Jimmy is old school.  Dante also got to lead off the dance segment during the game by doing the twist up on the jumbotron. Of course, Commentary had to show Dante how to do the twist.

Carlos Beltran hit eight post season dingers of course in 2004 with the ‘Stros – four against The ATL in the NLDS and four against San Luis in the NLCS.

What can I say about sweeping the Pirates this weekend?   Let’s see how we do against the Mets.


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