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In today’s Chron, here’s what the H-Town Mayor had to say about the petitions that were turned in yesterday by the anti red light camera folks:

"Citizens Against Red Light Cameras have turned these petitions in very late in the process and the Renew Houston petitions took three weeks to be certified. … If it takes just as long, it will not meet the deadline to be on the ballot this fall."     Check out the story.

In other words, the H-Town Mayor has instructed the City Secretary to just assign one person to handle the verification process. 

I don’t know if I would have included the Renew Houston mention in the statement.   If the anti red light camera folks don’t get on the ballot, they just might take their anger out on Renew Houston.  If I’m the Mayor, I also would not come off as being too heavy handed.  After all, there may be 30,000 folks that took the time to sign the petitions and they just may get a little upset. 

Meanwhile, the anti Renew Houston folks are starting to get organized.  It may be an interesting coalition if they hook up with others that are opposed.   Stay tuned!

The ATL skipper Bobby Cox is making his final visit to The Yard this week.  What is his playoff record against the ‘Stros?

This would never happen to Commentary.  Last night at The Yard, some fella got out of the way of a foul ball and it whacked his girlfriend. 
Check out the replay.

I have to hand it to Guv Dude.  He was on his best behavior yesterday when he greeted The President.  He didn’t pull any shenanigans or try to embarrass The President.

I don’t know about the political climate around my ‘hood these days.  I see a lot of the Blue Signs which means that they aren’t too happy with the historical preservation stuff at City Hall. Some folks around here feel that City Hall let them down by not stopping the Wal-Mart invasion.  Stay tuned!

Bobby Cox had a 12-7 playoff record against the ‘Stros and all the games were played in the NLDS.  The ATL beat us in ’97 (3-0), ’99 (3-1), and ’01 (3-0).  We beat them in ’04 (3-2) and ’05 (3-1).

There were certainly a lot of ATL fans at The Yard last night but we prevailed.    Since The ATL is still in the hunt, they’ll be there tonight.


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