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The Blue Signs say “Yes for preservation, no to protected districts” and “keep homeowner rights, continue growth of neighborhoods, no to city bureaucracy” and  http://www.responsiblehistoricpreservation.org.  The Yellow Signs say “Say yes to protecting our historic districts” and “preserve homeowner rights, support responsible growth, get the facts.”  I couldn’t make out their web address.

The signs are popping up throughout Commentary’s ‘hood.  They obviously are a reaction to the City of H-Town’s proposed historic preservation ordinance that is making its way through City Hall.  There are definitely more Blue Signs out there.    On some streets one house will have a Blue Sign and the neighbor across the street will have a Yellow Sign.  Stay tuned.

There’s some interesting stuff on the H-Town City Council agenda this week.  The Council will put the Renew Houston deal on the ballot.  It is getting seriously banged around by Dem progressives.  The Council will also vote on a pre-redistricting item.  It’s a proposed city charter change that will go to the voters to reduce the residency requirement so wannabe city council district candidates will have time to shop around for a district.   The Council will also decide if they want to put the City of Houston Term Limits Review Commission recommendation on the ballot.  Now here’s where it gets a bit dicey.   For the three in their final term (CMs Clutterbuck, Johnson and Lovell), they aren’t impacted by the recommendation.  For the remaining 12, they are and a vote to put it on the ballot will certainly look to some like they are out trying to extend their service on council.   Also stay tuned!

It looks like the anti red light camera folks will turn in their signatures this afternoon at the H-Town City Hall.   I wouldn’t be surprised if the H-Town Mayor instructs the City Secretary to scrutinize every single signature.

Bobby Cox, skipper of The ATL, makes his last visit as a skipper to The Yard tonight thru Wednesday.  Go check him out.  Where does Bobby Cox rank on the all time managerial career win list?

The President is coming to the Lone Star State today and it looks like Guv Dude will get a couple of minutes with The President.  In today’s Chron there is the same old story about the National Dems coming into the Lone Star State and raising money and not leaving a red cent behind.  Check it out.

Here’s from the story:  "If they’d invest this money in Texas, we’d be a blue (Democratic) state," said long-time party consultant Glenn Smith. "They (national party leaders) come down here and drag the sack and spend the money on themselves."

Commentary thinks that maybe if we had a better plan to turn the state blue, they might leave more money behind.  Like maybe if we really had a Latino voter engagement plan, don’t you think?

In today’s SA Express news, there is a piece about the Former H-Town Mayor “skipping” The President’s visit.  Check it out.

Here is the start of the piece:

It’s a headline that might play into Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White’s campaign strategy. Or not.

“Bill White Snubs President Obama” is atop an opinion piece by Akwasi Evans in Austin’s NOKOA weekly newspaper, part of the African-American Texas Publishers Association. The next line can’t hearten White supporters: “Takes Black Voters for Granted.”

“This is a huge concern,” Evans, NOKOA’s publisher and editor, said of White’s decision to stick with a campaign schedule apart from Obama’s events in Austin and Dallas today. “It says that in Texas, Democrats like to run to the right.”

Here is how the Former Mayor’s campaign responded:

Sen. Rodney Ellis, who spoke for the campaign on the issue, said White’s camp will motivate his base. But Ellis, D-Houston, added that Democrats “have been on the outside of the corridors of power in the Capitol for so long, we don’t need to spend our time talking to each other. We need to spend our time finding converts and bringing them into the tent” — specifically Republicans and independents.

It looks like the old change their mind strategy.  I don’t know about that.

Bobby Cox with 2,475 and counting wins ranks fourth of course on the all time list behind Connie Mack (3,731), John McGraw (2,767), and Tony LaRussa (2,613).

The ‘Stros road trip started out A-Okay but then we lost four in a row.  Of course, our weekend wasn’t as bad as Tiger’s.  Now we have us a ten game homestand against The ATL, Pirates and Mets so maybe we can make up some ground.


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