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Commentary is changing his mind about wanting The President to meet with Guv Dude on Monday here in the Lone Star State.  If the meeting was just on border security, I would be okay with a meeting.  Now I’m afraid Dude will for sure bring up this business about the soon to be $835 mil for Texas schools that have restrictions.   Texas Dems in Congress led by Cong. Lloyd Doggett don’t want the Lone Star State to use the money to fill expected budget gaps.   Dude and the Lite Guv think that the federal government is meddling again in state government.  I don’t know who wins that argument in this state so I just as soon not let The President get dragged into the debate by Dude.  Stay tuned!

It didn’t take Dude’s campaign long to get an ad up on the Former H-Town Mayor and BTEC.  They got one up on the internet with a not so flattering photo of the Former Mayor.

Hall of Famer Joe Morgan had two stints with the ‘Stros.  What number did he wear?

The First Lady, one of her daughters, and some friends are on a vacation in Spain and are catching a bit of flack for staying at a fancy hotel.   I’m thinking if Laura Bush and one of her daughters and some friends went to Spain and stayed at the same fancy hotel, nobody would give a rat’s arse if you know what I mean.

18 and 8 of course were the numbers Joe Morgan wore as a ‘Stro.  Jeff Keppinger now wears the number 8.  Nobody is wearing the number 18 right now.

The ‘Stros take on the Brewers in Milwaukee this weekend and have a chance to move into third place in the NL Central.  Who says the games are meaningless?


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