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Commentary is going to go out on a limb and predict that The Former H-Town Mayor and his BTEC dealings will be featured in a negative GOP ad coming to a TV or radio near you.  The Chron’s Bradley Olson and AP’s Jay Root put out similar stories yesterday on more BTEC stuff and The Former Mayor. Check out the Chron’s story.

Guv Dude’s campaign pounced all over The Former Mayor.  Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dude and the Lone Star State’s GOP AG charged The Former Mayor and BTEC of profiteering during a crisis, kind of like they go after gas stations that increase their fuel and bag of ice prices during a hurricane.

The only thing The Former Mayor and Dems can do in response is to keep hammering Dude on his rental mansion.  Stay tuned!

The Houston Area Latino Summit on Immigration Reform will be held next Saturday, August 14 at 9:30 am at PlazAmericas (the old Sharpstown Mall).  For information on speakers or agenda items, go to Houston Area Latino Summit.

A-Roid got his 600th career dinger yesterday afternoon – so what!

In the ‘Stros’ 18-4 win over San Luis Tuesday night, Tony LaRussa had to bring in infielder Aaron Miles to pitch in the ninth inning so he wouldn’t have to use up another pitching arm.  In the ‘Stros 18-1 win over San Luis in 2007, LaRussa pulled a similar move.  Who was the non-pitcher that LaRussa used to pitch in 2007?

Speaking of, some in the GOP now want to abolish the citizenship section of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to get at paperless folks that have babies here.  Good luck!

Aaron Miles of course pitched in the ninth inning in San Luis’ 18-1 loss to the ‘Stros in 2007.

Our seven game win streak came to an end last night in an 8-4 loss to San Luis. ‘Stros pitcher J.A. Happ who was taken out of the game in the second inning said he didn’t pitch with “conviction.”  The ‘Stros have today off and play Friday in Milwaukee.  Maybe J.A. can spend the off day shopping around for “conviction.”


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