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A couple of weeks ago, Commentary attended and spoke at a meeting of the H-Town City Council’s Special Ethics and Council Governance Committee on Redistricting and Term Limits chaired by my pal Mike Sullivan.  At the meeting, they received the recommendation from the Term Limits Review Commission.  The Committee took no action and they said there would be a follow-up meeting where action would be considered. 

Guess what?  It looks like the Committee will not be meeting after all.  Instead, it also looks like the H-Town Mayor will put the Commission’s recommendation on the City Council Agenda for a Council vote next week.

I don’t know if this is the year that we ought to be messing with term limits.  I think if Council votes to put it on the November ballot the only folks that will get riled up are conservative voters and that won’t help local Dem candidates this November.  We already know that GOP voters are going to be more enthused than Dem voters.  Why stir them up here locally?

If I’m a member of the H-Town City Council, before I vote to put this on the ballot, I want to know who is going to be in charge of mounting a campaign to get it passed this November. Is there a PAC?

If I’m Renew Houston, I don’t know if I want to be on the same ballot page with term limits.

City Council is also going to consider putting a residency requirement charter amendment on the ballot.  It has to do with next year’s redistricting process.  They really don’t have to do anything but they want to change the requirement for candidates running for district positions from one year to six months.  I guess this is to accommodate those wannabe candidates that will be shopping for a position.

Where are the anti red light camera petitions?  Stay tuned!

The ‘Stros scored 18 runs last night against San Luis in San Luis – yikes!  The last time we scored 18 runs was on September 20, 2007 – also in San Luis.  We scored 18 runs last night without a dinger.  In 2007, we only had one dinger.  Who got the 2007 dinger?

Happy 49th BD Mr. President!

Former AG Al Gonzalez is 55 today.

The Rocket is 48 today.

J.R. Towles of course had the only ‘Stros dinger back in 2007.  He also had 8 RBIs.

What do you want me to say about the ‘Stros? They’re on fire!  They’ve won seven in a row!   They’re fun to watch!

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