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Commentary is a little disappointed that The President isn’t coming to H-Town.  Instead he will go to Austin and Dallas.  It looks like the tea baggers and GOP are going to stage protest rallies to greet The President in both cities.  They will get a lot of local, state, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN play next Monday.

The governor’s race here in the Lone Star State will get some run for sure.  It will be interesting to see what the national talking heads have to say about the state of our politics.  It will also be interesting to see who from the Lone Star State gets invited to give their takes on national TV.  Commentary doesn’t expect to get a call because I don’t subscribe to the daily talking points.

One thing is for sure.  Immigration will definitely get some national TV run next Monday.  Dems that get invited to give their takes better not duck or downplay the issue. 

Another thing is for sure.  They’ll talk about the Former H-Town Mayor distancing himself from The President and not being at the Dem fundraising events.  The GOP will have a field day on this.  I wonder what the Dem talking points will look like on this. 

Another thing is for sure.  They’ll also talk about the state of the Latino vote in 2010.  Stay tuned!

The ‘Stros’ rookie first baseman Brett Wallace got his first major league RBI last night in San Luis.  Wallace was a first round pick in the 2008 MLB Amateur Player Draft.  Who picked Wallace?  Who did the ‘Stros pick in the first round in 2008?

The Chron said the ‘Stros would go 13-11 in July.  The ‘Stros went 13-11 in July.  The Chron said the ‘Stros would be 47-56 by the end of July.  The ‘Stro were 44-59 on July 31.

San Luis of course picked Brett Wallace in the first round of the 2008 MLB Amateur Player Draft.

Jason Castro of course was picked by the ‘’Stros in the first round in 2008.

The ‘Stros have now won six in a row and are 4-0 under the new look.  They are fun to watch these days!


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