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Commentary is looking forward to the new look ‘Stros now that we got the whiner, err Roy O. out of the clubhouse.  Roy O. had become a distraction if you ask me. 

Here is what Roy O. told MLB.com yesterday on his way out of the door.

"It’s exciting for sure.  I think it works out for both of us. Houston’s getting good prospects and another pitcher, and I’m getting to go to a great team. I’m happy for both sides. From the very beginning, I said I wouldn’t accept it unless it worked out for both of us, and I think it worked out."

Come on!  You don’t give a rats’ arse if it worked out for us.  We’re getting us a big league pitcher who has played in 47 games, a 23-year-old Triple A first baseman who was a first round draft choice in 2008, and a 19-year-old kid that is in Single A ball.

"I think probably the toughest part was packing up my locker, for sure, knowing I started here and have to leave now.  Just like I said, it’s going to be good for the organization, and I think it will be good for me, too. The organization has been great to me, and I hope they get back in it and get back to the playoffs real soon."

Come on!  You don’t give a rats’ arse if we ever make it to the playoffs.  You’re durn right the organization has been good to you.  Can we have the tractor back?

"You’ve pretty much got an All-Star at every position.  They have a real good team as far as a union. I talked to Brad Lidge last night about the clubhouse, and he likes it a lot up there with guys like Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino and some other great guys. Overall, it came down to Houston getting something for me and I was getting to go to a contender."

Come on!  Yeah we got something for you, but we don’t know what it is worth.

"I wish the best for the organization.  The fans have been behind me for 10 years. There are no hard feelings on my side. Houston has done everything I’ve asked, and I’ve done everything they’ve asked of me. I’m hoping to have a chance to pitch in the playoffs and the World Series. I’m hoping to get back there and experience again what we did in ’05."

Come on!  You don’t really wish us the best.  The Phillies are two and a half out of first and one and a half back in the wild card race and I hope it stays that way.

J.A. Happ was selected by the Phillies in Round 3 of the 2004 MLB Amateur Draft.  Who was the ‘Stros’ top draft pick in 2004?

There goes the neighborhood!  It looks like Wal-Mart is fixing to set up shop down the street.  I never thought I would see a Wal-Mart down the street.  It doesn’t seem right.  A lot of the neighborhood leaders are upset but there is nothing they can do.  I’ll just have to learn to avoid that part of town.  It is going to be located a few blocks from The Dean’s office.  I wonder how he’s taking the news.

In 2004, the ‘Stros didn’t have a first round pick, but in the second round, we picked Hunter Pence of course and the rest is history.

We’re 14 games out of first.   We still have another day to make more trades.  We also have the Brewers in for three and I’m looking forward to checking out J.A. Happ this evening!


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