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Here’s what a prominent Lone Star State GOP State Senator said yesterday in the Chron:  "The voting public here in Texas has made it clear that immigration is one of its top concerns, and, as such, I think legislators of both parties are obligated and have a responsibility to address the issue."   Checkout the article. 

What else do I have to say?  Immigration needs to be the rallying cry in Latino communities this election season.  The GOP is handing us this issue on a silver platter.  Dems needs to snatch it up!  Of course, nobody asked me.

Speaking of, there is no word yet on a meeting between The President and Guv Dude.  I guess The White House is still mulling over the issue.  Stay tuned!

At The Yard Saturday evening, Reds first baseman Joey Votto hit a two-run dinger off of Roy O. in the top of the first inning which prompted a nearby fan to grouse – “we should have traded him this morning” – ouch!   After Roy O. had given up six runs after only three innings, another nearby fan wondered aloud if Roy O. was tanking it in order to lower his trade value – ditto ouch!   Hey, he asked for it!

Who was the first MLBer to have his name put on a Louisville Slugger bat?

The Roy O. trade watch continues this week.  GM Wade said this past weekend that the team was in a “seller” mode.  I guess that means we’re done for the year.  Yikes!

Honus Wagner of course of the Pirates was the first MLBer to have his name put on a Louisville Slugger way back in 1905.

It’s the Cubbies for three tonight thru Wednesday.  I’m thinking that Cubbie fans will outnumber us this evening.


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