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A lot of ‘Stros fans are glued to talk radio and the internet these days trying to get the latest info on the Roy O. trade talks.  One of the hurdles to making the deal is Roy O.’s huge salary – $6 mil left to pay for the rest of this season, $16 mil next year, and $2 mil to $16 mil in 2012 – it is an option year.   Some of the know-it-alls, err, local sports talk radio hosts, want my pal Drayton to make the deal by agreeing to pay a part of Roy O.’s future salary – huh!  Apparently it is a practice of sorts in the MLB. 

A few weeks ago, the Seattle Mariners traded their ace Cliff Lee to the Texas Rangers and agreed to pay a part of his salary.  I don’t know about that.  The Rangers did that when they trade A-Roid to the Yankees a few years ago and last I heard the Rangers are getting loans from the MLB. 

Let’s say the ‘Stros trade Roy O. to San Luis.  I’m not going to be feeling too good when they come to The Yard and Roy O. is on the mound knowing that when I plunk down for a St. Arnold, some of the cash is going to pay a fella that is trying to get our arse.   That doesn’t make sense.

The way I look at it, if San Luis, the Phillies, or the Twins want Roy O., pay his salary.  I sure hope my pal Drayton reads today’s Commentary.

Guv Dude says The President is injecting racism into the immigration debate – huh!  Check out the story.  This is a great opportunity for Dems to fire up Latino voters in the Lone Star State.  Dems ought to be calling out Dude and the GOP on this.  Dems won’t, however.  They still don’t get it. 

The Roy O. trade watch continues.  In 1996, Roy O. was drafted by the ‘Stros in the 23rd round of the MLB Amateur Draft.   Who did the ‘Stros select in the first round that year?

The Chron devoted 2 full pages in today’s sports section to snagging foul balls and I didn’t even get a mention or get interviewed.  It has been that kind of season. Check out the 4 pieces: one,  twothree,  four.

I have to figure the pieces were written by a rookie sports writer since everyone at The Yard knows I hold the record for foul balls snagged.   They did mention my section as a primo foul ball target.

Commentary has always liked Cong. Charlie Rangel.  I think though he needs call it a day.  We don’t need to give the GOP any more ammo this election season.

Pitcher Mark Johnson of course was the ‘Stros first round pick in 1996.   We traded him along with a few other players to Florida in 1997 for Moises Alou.  Johnson ended up in Detroit and pitched a total of 9 games for the Tigers in 2000.  He enver pitched in the bigs after 2000.  BTW – the often heralded Gerry Hunsicker was the GM who picked Johnson.

It’s gym bags tonight, T-shirts tomorrow, and batting practice jerseys for the kids on Sunday as the Reds come in for three this weekend.


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