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It was definitely surreal TV on CNN yesterday afternoon.  It was live and split screen TV with Shirley Sherrod from the CNN’s studios and White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs offering her an apology during his daily briefing to the media.  The White House did what very few in politics do these days – owned up. 

Gibbs also said that the Ag Secretary was trying to call her while she was there on live TV watching. 

The Ag Secretary also said he screwed up big time.

Some of the folks on Fox News also apologized.

The only guy in America who hasn’t owned up is the fella that started it all – Andrew Breitbart.  That’s OK because one of today’s most admired women in the country, Shirley Sherrod, has now set her sights on Breitbart.  Stay tuned!

Commentary is thinking Guv Dude might have blundered in calling for a meeting on border security with The President when The President is in the Lone Star State on August 9.  If I’m The President, I take Dude up on the offer.    Have Dude come to H-Town and have a sit down with him.  After the meeting, invite the media in and say that you and Dude will work together on border security and make it look like there is cooperation.  That will make Dude look silly and disingenuous when he starts to crack on Washington again during the campaign.  Why do I have to think of this?

Roy O.  is now the subject of trade talk.   Roy O. has a career 3.22 ERA which is fifth best among active pitchers with more than 1000 innings pitched.  When Roy O. first made it to the big leagues in 2001, in his first season he went 14-3 with a 2.73 ERA.  That was good enough to land him second place for the 2001 NL Rookie of the Year.  Who won the 2001 NL Rookie of the Year?

Commentary doesn’t have a problem with Da Bell personally pocketing $426,000 minus legal fees from Dude’s campaign.  Da Bell has been one of the Dem Party’s fiercest warriors and if he can take some of Dude’s cashola, more power to him.

Albert Pujols of course was the unanimous choice for 2001 NL Rookie of the Year.

Roy O. is now saying that whoever wants him will now have to guarantee his contract through 2012. 

A report says that San Luis is interested in Roy O.  I don’t know about that.  We still have half a dozen left to play against them this season and will face them over a dozen times a year in 2011 and 2012.

We have nine days to make the Roy O., The Big Puma, or Brett Myers deal or deals.

Meanwhile, Roy O. is scheduled to take the mound Saturday night against the Reds.


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