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Commentary keeps the tube on CNN during the day just to keep up with what is happening.  Yesterday’s story on Shirley Sherrod, the USDA official who allegedly made racially insensitive remarks, caught my attention.  They showed one of those youtube type clips of her speaking before a Georgia NAACP group and she said something about not going all out to help an Anglo farmer. 

The cable and internet talking heads jumped all over Ms. Sherrod.  Then it was reported that she had been fired.   The national NAACP issued a statement condemning her.  Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack went before cameras to explain why she was canned.  She finally came on live TV and was interviewed by CNN’s Rick Sanchez and told her side of the story minus PR handlers at her side.  The Anglo farmer that she referenced in her remarks also came on CNN and told Sanchez that Sherrod had in fact help save his farm.  At that point it started to look like maybe all the facts weren’t in. 

Dem Donna Brazile and GOPer Mary Matalin both came on CNN and said it looked like folks rushed to judgment on Sherrod and defended her.  Folks then started to look at Sherrod’s entire speech before the Georgia NAACP and realized that it was a classic case of taking a quote out of context or jumping the gun.

The national NAACP then issued a statement saying they had been “snookered” – no s__t Jack!  Also last night, The White House ordered Secretary Vilsack to review how they handled the matter.

It looks like everyone rushed to judge Sherrod.   She is owed one big apology if you ask me. 

I think I’ve said this before:   Close your eyes and click your heels, and repeat after me – not everything in cyperspace is true, not everything in cyperspace is true, not everything in cyberspace is true.

Well what do you know?  I gave Cubbie Skipper Lou Pinella a mention on Commentary yesterday and then he announces his retirement effective at the end of the season.  ‘Stros fans can check out Sweet Lou at The Yard next Monday through Wednesday for three.  We can also check out Sweet Lou in his final three games in a Cubbie uniform which happens here at The Yard the final weekend of the season – Fri., Oct. 1 – Sun., Oct. 3.

How many division winners has Pinella managed in his career?

From Chron.com:  “We just need to do a better job of reminding our Latinos that Republicans don’t have horns and don’t all live in country clubs,” said Jacob Monty, a member of the board of directors of the Hispanic Republicans of Texas.

My pal Jacob said this yesterday at the press conference held by HRT.   Commentary really doesn’t care where GOPers live.  However, the horns are a big problem.  I give HRT credit for making an effort.  If they stay at this, it could pose problems for Dems on down the line.

We also get to see The ATL’s Skipper Bobby Cox’s last trip to The Yard next month.

Six of course as Pinella managed the Reds to the NL West title in 1990, in 1995, 1997, and 2001, he led the Mariners to three AL West titles, and in 2007 and 2008, he led the Cubbies to two NL Central titles.

It was looking good last night as I was all settled in checking out the bottom of the fifth with a six run lead and then it all fell apart after a Keppinger throwing error.  We went from having a 7-1 lead to losing 14-7 – OUCH!!

Trade rumors now involve The Big Puma, Roy O., and Brett Myers.  It could very well be that Roy. O doesn’t get to be the all time winning ‘Stro pitcher so stay tuned!


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