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The Chron’s Columnist had this to say yesterday about the recommendation from the Term Limits Review Commission:  “Urban politicians haven’t had much luck getting voters to grant what the Houston City Council appears ready to ask of them this November: Lengthen their life expectancy.”

Huh!  That’s news to me!  I didn’t know that the votes were there on city council at this time to put the measure up for a vote.  Check out the column.

He certainly has opinions on the recommendation.  That’s pretty good considering he probably didn’t go to too many meetings of the Commission.  I’m sure others that never took the time to attend the meetings will chime in with their opinions so stay tuned!

The ‘Stros visit Wrigley for three starting this evening.  When was the last time the Cubbies were World Serious?

I’m thinking Jodie Foster is a little bit concerned these days.  She’s in the middle of directing a movie called “The Beaver.”  It stars Mel Gibson – yikes!  Foster also co-stars in her movie.  I don’t know who will plunk down 9 bucks or so to see Gibson though.

The last time the Cubbies were World Serious was in 1945 of course or 65 years ago.  BTW:  They lost in seven to the Tigers.

The only thing the ‘Stros have to celebrate today is pitcher Wilton Lopez’s 27th BD.  You know it’s bad when you lose two in a row to the Pirates.


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